The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 10, 1921
Philadelphia F. C. composed of Local Players Held to Tie by New York

The Philadelphia F. C. struck a tartar in its victorious glide to the American Soccer League honors yesterday afternoon when it clashed with the New York F. C. on the latter's grounds. The game ended in a deadlock with three goals each. Two of the three goals for Philadelphia were scored by Harold Brittan.

About 15 minutes from the start, Hunziker, playing at outside left, shot the first goal of the game for New York, no a pass from Hardy, and this was the only scoring done during the first period.

Five minutes after the restart, New York's right fullback got hold of the ball on a cross by Fleming and sent the ball through the Philadelphians' goal, thereby equalizing the score. Shortly after this, Brittan, the first center on the visiting team, quickly scored twice, and the score stood 3-1 for about 20 minutes, neither side scoring, although the New York team played a pressing game. Mainly through individual effort, Dugan scored New York's second goal, and about six minutes before the whistle blew Rooney shot the final and equalizing goal. The lineup:

New York -- Philadelphia
Geudert -- G -- Kerr
Kelly -- RFB -- Bethune
Burnett -- LFB -- Ferguson
T. Stark -- RHB -- Murray
Van den Eyden -- CHB -- Porter
Herd -- LHB -- Fullerton
Duggan -- OR -- Moriety
A. Stark -- IR -- Forrest
Rooney -- C -- Brittan
Hardy -- IL -- Campbell Hunziker -- OL -- Fleming
Goals -- Hunziker, Duggan, Rooney, New York; Kelly, Brittan 2, Philadelphia. Referee -- J. E. Scholefield. Linesmen -- Bleich and Lorimer. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

The American Soccer League game played at Todd Field, Brooklyn, yesterday, between the Falcos Football Club, of Holyoke, and the Todd Shipyards team, resulted in a no-scoring tie. Although both teams tired hard to win, play was rather tame, and no exciting features resulted.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club