The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, October 10, 1923
List of Members of Every Team In League Is Announced Today

Games For the Coming Weekend
Saturday, Oct. 13: Philadelphia vs. National Giants at Philadelphia; referee, James Walder, Philadelphia.
J & P Coats vs. Fall River at Pawtucket, R. I., Referee, George Lambie, Newton, Mass.
Bethlehem vs. New York at Bethlehem, Pa., Referee, Horace Williams, Bethlehem
Sunday, Oct. 14: New York vs. Bethlehem at New York Oval. Referee, Thomas Cunningham, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Fall River vs. J & P Coats at Tiverton, R. I., Referee, W. R. Welch, Boston, Mass.
Brooklyn vs. Newark at Brooklyn. Referee, George Young, Philadelphia

The closeness of last week's scores indicates that the race for this season's soccer championship will be a keen affair. Not one club in the American Soccer League gained a decisive victory against its opponents and the work of the Brooklyns in the game against the Bethlehems stamps that club as a serious rival for honors. The same applies to the Newark Club which kept the New York team to a 2-0 score last Sunday at New York Oval. This weekend will keep soccer followers busy for there are six games scheduled for decision. The Fall River and Coats teams play games on Saturday and Sunday as well as the Bethlehem and the New Yorks. Both the New England teams are more advanced in their training than any of the other teams and for that reason are expected to get the jump on the New York Giants, Newarks, Brooklyn and Philadelphians who have had to content themselves with but one or two exhibition games for training purposes. The Fall River team is plying in mid-season form and for the first couple of weeks points will be extremely difficult to take away from them. The Bethlehem management is still experimenting with its team and will make further changes in the make-up of its lineup against the New Yorks. IT is expected that Jimmy Cassidy, their latest capture, will play either in Bethlehem or New York, and that Arthur Robertson, last season on the first eleven of the Aberdeen, will make his maiden appearance for the Steel Workers. The New York club has made a capture in center halfback Terris, of the Dundee Hibs, who gave a brilliant display against the Newark team. Manager Magee is expecting to have a record crowd at the New York Oval on Sunday in expectation of seeing a brilliant struggle for points.

Manager Brown will take his team to Brooklyn on Sunday to play the local eleven. Until last Sunday, the Newark team was not heard much of, but the remarkable game which they put up against the New Yorkers indicates that Brooklyn will have a stiff hurdle to clear in the Jersey youngsters. It was only in the last few minutes of last Sunday's contest against the Gothamites that the latter were able to penetrate the Newark defense, and had the Jerseymen been able to get in some training, the New Yorkers might have been held to a scoreless draw.

In New England, the Fall River and J & P Coats teams will play two games, one at Pawtucket and the other at Tiverton, R. I. The Fall River club has two decisions over the Providence club, but as these games were exhibition contests it is expected that the Coats' team will take the league games more seriously.

In Philadelphia Manager Brooks will have on show Bradford of West Hartlepool, Dallas of Dumbarton, McClure of Clyde, and Hugbey Bolton of Everton. In addition to these men Curran, McDonald, Reid Ward (Queens Park), Skidmore, Gilallan, Rundle and Duncan will undoubtedly be called on to show their paces. The opposition will be the National Giants who will bring with them Dan McNiven (Bethlehem), Paton (Third Lanark and Celtic), Swan (Aberdeen), Hoops and Robb (Hamilton), John Scott (St. Mirron), Jimmy Scott (Third Lanark), and Willie Murray (St. Mirron). The Giants are beginning to show their real form and although they were beaten narrowly by the Fall River club last week, there are many who saw that game who are ready to testify that the New Yorkers were at least entitled to a share of the points. The Philadelphia club could scarcely have better opposition for its opener than the representatives of the Polo Grounds.

List of Players

J & P Coats Robert Bethune, Charles B. Lappin, Charles McLoughlin, Arthur Stevenson, Wm. L. Shepherd, Thomas Fleming, Felix Reilly, Thomas Schofield, William McIntosh, Alex. G. Bell, William Adam, Robert Gilmour, Richard McAvoy, John Harvey, William Neilson, Williams F. Paterson, Peter Terrance, Robert B. Drummond.

Fall River Edward Tate, John Reid, Alexander Kemp, Dougald Campbell, Henry McGowan, William McPherson, Findlay Kerr, William Hibbert, Frank McKenna, Alex. Lorimer, Harold P. Brittan, William Collier, Fred Morley, William Orr, Matthew Shortt.

National Giants William Murray, James Scott, John Scott, John Paton, John Brown, Thomas Robb, Peter Sweeney, Frank McIlwraith, David Cameron, Daniel McNiven, William Fryer, James Hoops, Edward Swan, John Nelson, James Galllagher, Joseph Reynolds.

Bethlehem Steel Malcolm Goldie, William Carnihan, John Rattray, Robert Terris, John Young, John McFarlane, Thomas Maxwell, David M. Ferguson, John C. Grainger, Arthur Robertson, Walter Jackson, William Highfield, David Carson, John W. Ferguson, Alex Jackson, Neil Turner, James Cassidy.

Brooklyn John Baird, William Hogg, Fred. A. Waite, Robert Barr, Michael Cosgrove, David S. Robertson, John Moore, James R. Docherty, W. A. Heathcote-Moule, William Calderwood, John Surgener, Robert Curtis, Thomas Nicel, John Forrest, Samuel Forrest, Joseph McRay, John R. Robertson, Nathan Agar, John Hume, Robert C. Wilson, William A. Mathieson.

New York Bart. McGee, William Crilley, William Herd, John Cushley, Charles Kelly, Thomas W. Stark, Archie Stark, Robert Hesle, Peter Gallagher, John McGuire, Robert Goudert, Henry Myerdierks, Thomas Dugan, James L. Terris, George T. Ferrier.

Philadelphia Alex McLoughlin, John Curran, H. McDonald, Thomas H. Reid, Richard Ward, Ernest Skidmore, William Rodgers, Samuel Gilfillan, Percy Andrews, George Rundle, Hugh Belton, George Duncan, David Fullerton, L. Braidford, William Dallas, James McClure.

Newark Joseph Blair, James Douglas, Jack Stephens, Samuel Fletcher, James Green, Hugh Lawther, John McArthur, Dan McArthur, James Mennie, Thomas Murray, Robert Neill, Herman Bleich, George Hemingsley.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club