The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, October 10, 1923
Steel Eleven Will Contest In American League Game With New York

by Fred Nonnemacher
American League Soccer will get away to a flying leap in Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon when the Bethlehem F. C. entertain the New York F. C. in the opening league game on the Bethlehem Steel field. With the Lehigh football squad and Bethlehem High teams paying away from home, the date for the opening tilt presents an excellent opportunity to the flock of sporting inclined to see Bethlehem with its array of new celebrities take on the fighting crowd of Gothamites.

Many of the veterans who were familiar fixtures in the Bethlehem lineup will be found among the missing, and in their places will be found younger blood, players who have reached the big league stage, but in spite of their brilliant playing, have probably not yet reached the peak of their career.

The Bethlehem management is making no bones about the fact that in their opinion Bethlehem has a team that will again emerge triumphant in the league and cup games.

Bethlehem's array of new talent includes the Jackson brothers, A. and W., both of which are said to be nothing less than sensational in their performance. W. Jackson, of first division fame in Scotland, joins the Bethlehem club with rating of the highest scoring center forward across the pond. A. Jackson, his brother, who as yet had not attained to the success of first division soccer, and who is still in his teens, is said to be every bit as good and thoroughly versed in the sport. There are quite a few other new acquisitions, all of which promise to stand out as prominent.

New York can be expected to come here with the usual makeup of scrappy players. The kickoff will be at 3 o'clock.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club