Bethlehem Globe
Monday, October 11, 1915
800 Witness Champion Team Wrest Game from New Yorkers on East End Field.

The local champion team and Columbia, New York City, played a club match on Saturday in East End field, the home eleven winning by the score of 7-0. Two points scored by Columbia players, accidentally putting the ball through their own goal during a scrimmage. The field was in fine condition and fully 500 witnessed Bleach kick off for Columbia. Bethlehem Steel had three new men in its lineup: MacDonald, and Gaynor taking Pepper's and Dean's place, McKelvey taking Ferguson's place at left fullback, the latter having been injured in the Hibernian game, last Wednesday. Play from the start became very fast and in the first minute Bethlehem Steel carried the ball down to the visitors' goal. Seward, right fullback, in an effort to clear put the ball through his own goal giving Bethlehem the lead in the first minute of the game. Columbia then broke away but found the defense too strong and play was again transferred to the visitor's territory. Millar added a second goal for Bethlehem Steel after a pretty piece of play, shortly afterwards, Macdonald added number three with a low hard drive which completely beat Jones, the first half ended 3-0. On the restart the visitors took a brace and came near scoring once or twice. However, the fast aggressive work and combination of the Bethlehem team completely bewildered the visitors who tried to score and during this half, Bethlehem Steel added four more goals, the game ended 7-0. The line-up:

Columbia -- Beth. Steel Co.
Jones -- G -- Duncan
F. Maskell -- L.F.B. -- McKelvey
Stewart -- R.F.B. -- Fletcher
Senghurst -- R.H.B. -- Murray
Garland -- C.H.B. -- Clarke
Bladeford -- L.H.B. -- Morrison
A. Stewart -- O.R. -- Gaynor
B. Maskell -- I. R. -- McDonald
Bleich -- C.F. -- Brown
Fitzpatrick -- I.L. -- Millar
Mahoney -- O.L. -- Fleming
Goals -- Millar, 3; Brown, McDonald, Stewart, Garland. Referee -- James Welders, Philadelphia. Linesmen -- A. Black, Bethlehem, William Dean, New York. Time of halves -- 40 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club