The Globe – South Bethlehem
Monday, October 12, 1914
Changes In Bethlehems’ Line-up Permitted Victor to Score – Peacock Suffers Injury.

The first home American League game this season between Bethlehems and Victor A. C., Philadelphia, on Saturday, which resulted in the score of 2-2. A thousand persons witnessed the game. Bethlehems lost the toss and faced a strong sun during the first half. The local team had to make changes at the last minute on account of injuries to Campbell and Stewart, both of whom would have played had they been able. Lewis having to substitute. The team started off in fine style, carrying the ball straight to the Victor’s goal. Ackroyd, however, cleared the shot. Victor then got away. Peacock, in stopping a rush of the Victor forwards, was injured and had to leave the field. Bethlehems continued to play with ten men. Ford shortly afterwards missed two fine chances to score. Then on a fine pass from Millar, Fleming completely beat the Victors’ goalkeeper by a cross shot into the net. Shortly afterwards Clarke got the ball and shot the second goal for Bethlehems. Bethlehems had the best of the game in the first half the visitors being dangerous only occasionally.

The second half Victor started off with a great rush, and continuously threatened to score. Tom Gaynor, in a mixup in front of the goal, scored the first point for Victor. On a shot by Robinson, Scaife saved by before he could clear, three Victor forwards charged him tieing the score.

Bethlehems – Pos. – Victors
Scaife – G -- Ackroyd
Toole – R.F.B. -- McLaughlin
Peacock – L.F.B. -- Spalding
Murray – R.H.B. – J. Wilson
Morrison – C.H.B. – W. Robinson
Lance – L.H.B. – J. Scott
Ford – O.R. – R. Robinson
Lewis – I.R. – T. Gaynor Clarke – C.F. -- Newton
Millar – I.L.-- Brigham
Fleming – O. L. – Scott
Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club