The Globe - South Bethlehem
Monday, October 13, 1913
Bethlehem, 5; Wissinoming, 1.

Bethlehem team on Saturday defeated Wissinoming professional team on the latter's own grounds in Philadelphia by the score of 5 goals to 1.

Bethlehem put up a dashing game and its style of play completely routed the Wissinoming players, who were played to a standstill. Credit must be given to goalkeeper Mill of the Wissinoming team who made some great stops and clearances of shots that certainly looked like sure goals. Too much credit cannot be given Bethlehem, for every man played for all he was wroth and the team worked together splendidly. Galbraith and Donaghy scored for Bethlehem in the first half, and Lance and Galbraith in the second half. Lewis should have had at least one goal, his shot hitting the post and bouncing back on to the foot of Lance, who drove it into the net with terrific force. Referees - James Kerr, Philadelphia. Linemen - H. Allen and G. Hill. Halves - 45 minutes. Goals for Bethlehem - Galbraith 2, Lance 2, Donaghy 1. Wissinoming - McGraw 1.

Bethlehem on Saturday will play Trenton at Bethlehem.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club