The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, October 13, 1923
First American League Soccer Game of Season On Home Field
Play on Both Sides Throughout The Entire Period Was Very Even

The Bethlehem F. C. opened its home season in the American League on the Bethlehem Steel Field this afternoon when they stacked up against the [] New York F. C. There was a good crowd in attendance as this was the only major sporting event in Bethlehem today.

First Half

Grainger scored for Bethlehem after five minutes of play in the first half minutes of play in the first half when Geudert fumbled. New York equalized the score a minute later when Duggan sent the ball into the net after a warm scrimmage in front of the Bethlehem goal.

Ten minutes before the end of the first half Grainger was hurt, but remained in the game. Duncan, who scored the first goal for New York, then made another wonderful shot, but Carson's save was equally wonderful. The first half ended with a score of one all.

Second Half

When Bethlehem came back for the second half they took a position defending the west goal, with the sun at their back. This gave them an advantage which they did not have in the first half. The locals started the period with a rush and kept the ball well in New York territory. Efforts on the part of the visitors to reverse the play were fruitless.

Goldie put Bethlehem in the lead [] minutes after the re-start when [] a hot scrimmage in front of the New York goal, he kicked the ball into the net after it had rebounded from [] already made by the goalkeeper [] this point it seemed that Bethlehem was well on the way to victory.

When the half was 23 minutes old, Bethlehem again scored. Goldie managed to draw the enemy goalkeeper from position and Maxwell took advantage of the opening and easily sent the ball into the net. The score was 3 to 1.

New York again assumed a dangerous pace in the waning minutes of the second half when A. Stark beat the defense and drove the ball into the net with a brilliant shot which gave Carson no chance to save. The score was now 3 to 2.

Scores came thick and fast toward the close of the game. Jackson tallied for Bethlehem, making the score 4 to 2, for Bethlehem, but McGhee tallied immediately afterward for New York, making the score 4 to 3.

A. Jackson made a goal. The game ended soon thereafter. Score 4-3. Loser Bethlehem Steel.

The lineup:

Bethlehem New York F. C.
Carson G Geudert
D. Ferguson RFB Kelly
Cassidy LFB Ferrier
Rattray RHB T. Stark
Carnihan CHB Terris
Terris LHB Herd
A. Jackson OR Duggan
Grainger IR A. Stark
W. Jackson CF Crilley
Maxwell IL McGuire
Goldie OL McGhee
Referee H. O. Williams.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club