The Globe South Bethlehem
Monday, October 14, 1912 page 12
Bethlehem, 10; Kensington, 0

The local soccer team added another great victory to its list by shutting out the Kensington team of Philadelphia in an Allied American League game in the Marsh Ball Park, Saturday afternoon, before a good crowd by the score of 10 to 0. The team turned out as announced and after the initial practice the respective captains were called together. Galbraith lost the toss for the third consecutive time this season and had to set his team to face a strong sun. Lance kicked off for Bethlehem and soon had the visiting team on the defense. The game was only seven minutes on when Fleming opened the score with a grand shot. Eight minutes later Lance scored a second. This with the game only fifteen minutes old Bethlehem were two goals up. Both teams were playing good football, the local team showing fine team work with the rearranged forward line and after twenty-seven minutes of play Lewis scored a beautiful goal, making Bethlehem three. The visiting team was playing hard but could not beat the defense as Peacock was playing a fine game at left full back. After thirty minutes of play Bethlehem was awarded penalty and Lance was entrusted with the kick but failed to add to the score by kicking the ball well over the top of the cross bar. Two minutes later the same player had revenge by scoring a beautiful goal, the goalkeeper having no chance whatever of saving the shot. With half time drawing near Fleming got the ball and beating the defense made no mistake with a good cross shot. The intervals arrived with the score Bethlehem 5, Kensington 0. Final result, Bethlehem 10, Kensington 0.

Bethlehem. Positions. Kensington.
J. Love goal -- Warren
R. Boone right fullback -- Trotter
E. Peacock left fullback H. Kunkle
M. Leonard right halfback J. Cooper
R. Stewart center halfback White
M. Lawler left halfback W. Morgan
J. Galbraith outside right G. Dinker
H. E. Lewis inside right J. McGee
J. Lance center forward J. Gane
H. Garvey inside left C. Walsh
T. Fleming outside left E. Bairsowe
Goals Fleming 3, Lance 4, Lewis 2, Stewart 1. Referee, A. M. Addison of Camden, N. J. Time of hlaves 40 minutes. Linesmen H. Shackleton and B. Haigh.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club