The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 15, 1917
Soccer Notes

When the Disston's forwards get the habit of shooting they will make the rest of the clubs in the National League hustle to lower their colors. Manager Redford has a well-balanced eleven, which should make a good showing this season.

Walter E. Hinds, the well-known referee, made his initial appearance of the season Saturday, handling the indicator in the Veteran-St. Carthage game. It is needless to state that his decision met with approval.

Speaking of referees, it would be advisable for the spectators not to do so much criticizing when the home team is losing. James Walders acquitted himself creditably in the Disston-Paterson game, but still some of the noisy ones could not see it that way.

Just to prove how evenly balanced the teams are in the Industrial League this season, four of the five matches last Saturday ended in tie scores.

It is safe to predict that Manger Bedford of Disstons would have given a large sum for a player who could have gone in the game Saturday and shot a couple of goals when he witnessed so many chances go a begging.

The sixteen-player limit rule inaugurated by the Eastern district should help soccer in the future. It will prevent the strong teams from signing up players they don't intend to play and incidentally help the weaker teams to secure some of the surplus.

President A. M. Addison of the United States Referee Association has called a meeting to be held at New York next Saturday. Walter E. Hinds and James Walders will represent the Philadelphia Association, which is the strongest in the country.

Owing to business reasons, Walter E. Hinds, the well-known referee and treasurer of the Philadelphia referees Association, had to decline the invitation to referee in the National League this season.

Disstons and Bethlehem have been selected by the Eastern district to play a benefit match in the near future for the benefit of the Red Cross. The game will likely be staged at one of the ball parks.

Although outplayed, Paterson F. C. soccer team defeated Disston A. A. 2 goals to 1 in the opening National League game, played at Tacony Baseball Grounds, Saturday afternoon. The Jerseymen won the game in the last minute of play. Outside left Morrell got free, running half the length of the turf-covered field, sent a shot directly at goal, which Ness fisted away, but Gradwell, following up, secured the ball and landed it in the net.

As stated in Saturday's Sporting Extra, the Bethlehem Steel soccer team defeated the Babcock & Wilcox F. C. of Bayonne, N. J., in a National League game by the score of 4 to 0. The visitors were aggressive from the start and Duncan was early called upon to save. The Steel Workers then carried the play to the Babs territory and a good attempt by McKelvey that struck the cross bar was converted by Fleming, who blocked the rebound, and drove the ball into the net, giving the goaltender no chance to save.

Shortly after this goal the visitors pressed hard and in a scrimmage in front of the Bethlehem goal were unfortunate to have their captain injured seriously enough to cause his retirement for the remainder of the game. This misfortune caused a change in the vistors' forward line and they were never as aggressive as in the opening stages. The Babs also resorted to the one-back game with the result that the Steel Workers were being continually pulled up for offside.

In the second half the Steel Workers had more of the game than in the opening period, but the offside tactics of the visitors prevented any sustained attack, and only individual efforts were of any avail.

Bethlehem defense was as steady as a rock and the Babs could not make much impression on Duncan, Fletcher and Ferguson.

American Cup Draw
Disston Plays Falls -- Veterans Tackle Bethlehem

Twenty-nine soccer clubs, representing five states, entered the annual competition of the American Football Association held at Newark Saturday night. The entries were divided into four districts: New York and New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New England and Northern Massachusetts.

The draws for the first round were as follows:

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut district -- Babcock and Wilcox F. C. vs. West New York Blues; Alley Boys vs. West Hudsons; New York F. C. vs. Clan MacDonald F. C.; I. R. T. Strollers vs. Passal Field Club; Bunker Hill F. C. vs. Paterson F. C.; Bridgeport City F. C. vs. Clan MacDuff of New York; Scottish American vs. Kinley F. C; Jersey A. C., a bye.

Pennsylvania District -- Falls F. C. vs. Disston A. A.; Veteran F. C. vs. Bethlehem F. C.; Wanderers F. C., a bye.

New England District -- Pan-American F. C. vs. New Bedford F. C.; Crompton F. C. vs. Greystone F. C.; New Bedford Celtic vs. Fall River Rovers; J and P Coats F. C., a bye.

Northern Massachusetts district -- Fist Red Top F. C. vs. Fore River Rovers.

The first round games are to be played on or before Oct. 28, on ground of first named club in each pairing.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club