The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, October 15, 1924
First Visit of Providence, R. I., Team of American Soccer League

Soccer activities will break into the sport spotlight in Bethlehem on Saturday afternoon just long enough to let local dribbling fans know that the Bethlehem Steel is very active and up among the contenders for the American Soccer League honors.

Also long enough to enable the management to introduce several new acquisitions who will be seen in actual hostilities on the home field for the first time. Bethlehem Steel played several of its early games in Bethlehem but has been more active on the road, due to an arrangement in the schedule making avoiding conflict with the many gridiron games in this vicinity.

Since Bethlehem last played at home the club has undergone several changes and it is a far different club in regards to merit than the one that opened the season. This is due not alone to several new acquisitions in the lineup, but also because the team is developed to mid-season form and will be shown at its best here on Saturday.

The opponent will be Providence, a club admitted tot he American Soccer League this season and one which is campaigning under the managerial wing of Sam Fletcher, for years a star on the old Bethlehem team and more recently captain of Newark F. C.

Sam Fletcher, well and popularly known among the soccer clientele in Bethlehem, left here early in the season to manage the Providence team with the best wishes of his many friends. Thus far he has succeeded very well and his club at present is recognized as one of the strongest contenders in the league.

Bethlehem hopes to avenge an earlier defeat when Providence bowled over the Steel Workers for the count of four goals to one, the biggest score by which Bethlehem was defeated this year.

Manager Fletcher has scouted a well balanced and strong club with a forward line that is dangerous from wing to wing, most prominent with the front liners being Renfrew, a center forward, who many of the clubs in the league looked to with longing eyes. Abdullah, a full-fledged Egyptian, who was developed in the sport in England and Scotland is another strong asset on the forward line together with Beaty and Best, both outside men and Blair


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