Bethlehem Globe-Times
Monday, October 17, 1927
Coats is Defeated on Saturday 3 to 1 and Hartford on Sunday 1 to 0.

The Bethlehem Steel soccer team came through with flying colors in the double header over the weekend when they invaded the New England States to defeat J & P Coats on Saturday by the score of 3 to 1 and followed this brilliant victory with a win over Harford, on Sunday, by the score of 1 to 0.

For Bethlehem Steel it was the second game of the four double header in the short period of six weekends, and of the four double headers three of them were won against six teams that had not played the day previous and were fresh on each occasion. In but one of these was Bethlehem defeated. To win away from home is an accomplishment in the present day soccer and to win two games speaks well for the team.

Down the “Baby Member.”
Hartford, the “baby member” of the league, by reason of its recent performances in winning away games on successive days against New York Nationals and Fall River, has caused followers to give that club greater respect than the “baby member” usually receives. Unfortunately, the Hartford management, in its efforts to attract the required support, has found it necessary to shift its home grounds very frequently. Sunday’s game was played at South Manchester, a suburb of Hartford. To their credit it can be said that the ground compares favorably, if not superior, to any other league ground, excepting Bethlehem’s. The attendance reached the highest level that Hartford has thus far enjoyed, for which they assigned the greatest credit to the attractive qualities of the Steelworkers.

Bethlehem made no change in its lineup from the team that won the day previous at Pawtucket. Playing in the first half against the wind and sun, the Steelworkers nevertheless were soon predominating the play, and an early shot by Goldie gave Blair something to think about. Hartford evidently was working upon a plan to keep the ball away from the Steelworkers, for they scarcely adopted the finer points, but instead resorted to long distribution, and to “any port in the storm.” Blair suffered many narrow escapes, once when he was completely out of goal, and Goldie, with no one to beat, drove the ball over the crossbar. Another occasion Blair accidentally stopped a close-in shot from Stark.

During this half Gillespie suffered a nasty eye injury from a punted ball, which undoubtedly interfered with his play the rest of the game. Bethlehem’s defense was playing, in great form, Edwards taking the part of third fullback, so far out of goal did he play to collect loose balls.

In the second half, with sun and wind in the Steelworkers’ favor, they continued to predominate, but as the game progressed there was great fear that strain of two days play would rob the Steelworkers of a victory that the predominance of play thus far had entitled them to. Midway, Goldie received a slight injury which necessitated the substitution of Robertson. The latter played but a few minutes, when he cleverly beat the back and placed across the goal mouth to Jaap, who headed into goal, and Blair in clearing gave Gillespie a chance which he capitalized from very close in.

The pace of the game seemed to increase after this score, for Hartford, responding to the shouts of its supporters, put on additional pressure and on two occasions the Bethlehem goal was fortunate, once when Edwards cleverly tipped the ball over the bar when he seemed to be out of position, and again when Edwards punched the ball directly toward Abdullah, who from ten yards placed an easy opportunity over the crossbar. Blair likewise was fortunate with shots that struck the crossbar, or caromed off backs towards a safe directly.

Great credit is due the Steelworkers for their ability to withstand and emerge victorious on two successive days against fresh teams, and both on foreign territory.

Hartford – Bethlehem
Blair – G – Edwards
Dempsey – RFB – McDonald
Bain – LFB – McMeekin
Brooks – RHB – Reid
Perry – CHB – Carnihan
Martyn – LHB – McGregor
Hutchinson – OR – Jaap
Abdullah – IR – Stark
Dalbee – CF – Gillespie
Ballantyne – IL – Granger
Ewen – OL – Goldie

Goal: Jaap. Referee: George Lambie. Linesmen, F. Pearson and W. Dowdall. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Coats Again a Victim

On Saturday afternoon the Steelmen handed J & P Coats the second defeat for this season, having beaten the Threadmakers on a previous visit to Bethlehem. The final numerals were 3 to 1, two of which Bethlehem’s goals were accounted for by Jaap and the third by Gillespie.

In the first 10 minutes of play, McConnell, while playing the ball, tripped and fell on his left arm, causing a painful injury to the elbow. The accident necessitated his removal from the game, and prompt attention upon the part of the local hospital. The full extent of his injury has not yet been ascertained. His place was substituted by Granger, which was his first appearance since the injury received at Brooklyn on September 11.

From the start the Steelmen took the lead and tapped in the initial count on Jaap’s goal, off Goldie’s pass. Less than a minute later again Jaap scored, on a corner kick. The Threadmen outplayed Bethlehem from that time on but the Steelmen broke through and Gillespie netted the third goal as the half ended.

Barlow scored in the second half on Accelson’s pass, when he kicked more than 30 yards for the marker. Edwards in goal for Bethlehem was the star of the game.

Bethlehem – Coats
Edwards – G – Knowles
McDonald – RFB – Stevenson
McMeekin – LFB – Martyn
Reid – RHB – Falcon
Carnihan – CHB – McIntosh
McGregor – LHB – McAvoy
Jaap – OR – Scott
Stark – IR – Reid
Gillespie – CF – Barlow
McConnell – IL – Adam
Goldie – OL – Eccelson
Goals: Jaap 2, Gillespie, Barlow. Substitutions: Granger for McConnell, Lyons for Adam. Referee: Rose of New Bedford. Linesmen: Quinn and Bethune. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club