Bethlehem Globe
Monday, October 18, 1915
Score of 6-2 Run Up by Bethlehem Knights of Gridiron -- The Line-Up.

The Bethlehem Steel company soccer team opened its league season on Saturday with the Philadelphia Boys' Club, the locals winning by the score of 3 to 0 on East End field. The ground was slippery owing to rain which made fast plays both dangerous and difficult. Captain Hanson won the toss and decided to defend the west goal and at 3:30 Captain Morrison kicked off for Bethlehem.

Both sides played aggressively, the Boys' Club players especially showing much vim and dash, however, the superior footwork of its opponents carried the ball down to the goal and after 10 minutes of play Clarke registered the first goal, a long drive into the corner of the net. Play was again transferred to midfield and the Boys' Club made several desperate attempts to penetrate the locals' defense. On a run by left wing Fleming the locals outside left sent a shot which completely beat the Boys' Club goal keeper and the ball curved in over his head for Bethlehem Steel's second point. Just before half time Pepper in a scrimmage registered Bethlehem's third and final goal. The first half ended 3-0. On the restart both sides attacked fiercely with Bethlehem doing most of the attacking with the defense of the Boys' Club holding out and the locals failed to register any more points, the game ended 3-0.

The line-up:

Boys' Club -- Position -- B. S. Co.
Kerr -- Goal -- Scaife
Fleck -- R.F.B. -- Fletcher
Watson -- L.F.B. -- McKelvey
Walker -- R.H.B. -- Murray
McDonough -- C.H.B. -- Clarke
Hanson -- L.H.B. -- Morrison
Buckhather -- O.R. -- Gaynor
Cluderay -- I.R. -- Graham
McIntyre -- C.F. -- Brown
V. Hastie -- I.L. -- Pepper
Montgomery -- O.L. -- Fleming
Goals. Clarke, Fleming, Pepper. Referee. J. H. Carpenter, Bethlehem. Linesmen, Opperman, Philadelphia; Lyons, Bethlehem. Time of halves: 45 minutes.

Bethelehm Steel Soccer Club