The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, October 18, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Babe Ruth of Soccer
Tommy Muirhead, of the Boston F. C., is recognized as the Babe Ruth of soccer and with no intention to reflect on the merit of any other player in the American Soccer League is truly recognized as the most valuable player on any club. Tommy can pinch on the forward line and is a bulwark on the halfback line. He plays a halfback position on the defense but when Boston starts a movement toward the rival's goal the speedy former big European leaguer is up with the forwards and being dangerous in shooting commands just as much attention as the other forwards. Being an accurate shot naturally makes him accurate in passing and his control of the ball is marvelous. Instead of sending them looping his he has the uncanny ability of shooting them to the forward barely leaving the ground. Soccer fans in this neck of the woods get their first opportunity to see Muirhead in action against the Philadelphia F. C. today. Tomorrow the Boston club will give Gotham fans a treat with a game scheduled against the New York Giants.

Fall River Fans Howling
Apparently seeing the hand writing on the wall, Fall River fans are loosening up with a terrible how and players that were once idols in their eyes are being unmercifully panned. And included among these players are several who did their bit with the Bethlehem Steel team several years ago. Pointing out a select few, the fans contend that Boston needs practically an entire new forward line. All this gossip is gleaned from press accounts appearing in Fall River papers. Fall River is without a doubt the best soccer drawing community in the country, having attendance records as high as twelve thousand for league games. Boston's victory over Fall River made Fall River wise-acres sit up and take notice and fearing the National champions may lose their prestige are leaving out a shout that the management surely will have to take cognizance of. Fall River supports soccer in grand style and the fans feel that they are entitled to the best available. Rumor has it that scouts are already on the job and that within a short time Fall River will be a very much reconstructed club.

Have the Cream in Bethlehem
With the present roster of players to represent the Bethlehem F. C. soccer critics recognize the local players as being listed among the cream in the American Soccer League. There was a time, and not so long ago, that following the close of a season a player became a free agent and clubs were available to dicker for their services. The Steel team in one year was practically wrecked by such a condition. However, there is little danger of any repetition for while there is no written agreement there is a personal understanding among all club managers that players cannot be tampered with or jump to another club unless with the consent of the management of the club with which they last played. This is resulting in managers holding out for transfer prices which at present are high at several hundred dollars but if soccer continues to attract in certain sections as it does at present, these transfer figures are likely to jump high into the numerals.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club