The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 18, 1926
Supposedly Speedy Rhode Island Club No Match for Local Champions.

An experiment which worked out successfully was tried on Lehigh Field on Saturday afternoon when in arranging the Bethlehem lineup to oppose Providence in the American Soccer League game, Archie Stark, a center forward for Bethlehem since he joined the club, played his first game at inside right. Bethlehem won by the score of 6 to 0, to which Stark in his new position contributed three of the counters.

Usually bottled in the center forward position, Stark was allowed a bit more freedom, although closely watched. At the same time his playing inside right with Gillespie, a goal shooting forward in the pivot berth, had a tendency to more or less demoralize the visitors' defense.

Steel Line Goes Big
In mowing down Providence, one of the reputed strong teams in the New England district, by the one sided score, the Bethlehem front line functioned perfectly, giving a display of combination and solo efforts seldom witnessed on the former Bethlehem Steel field.

There was no comparison with the Providence forwards. Bethlehem's backs were able at all times to break up the Providence raids and most of the efforts to score were from next to impossible angles. The few times that a forward did slip through to test the merit of Edwards, the latter was never lacking.

With the Bethlehem forwards it was just the opposite. Almost at will it seemed the front line could get within range to score, with Stark, Gillespie, Goldie and Forrest comprising a fine combination. Bethlehem resorted mostly to a long passing game, feeding the wings on every opportunity and then with the defense set out and the inside men more free, beautiful and well placed centers came from the outside wings. Tricky and clever passing featured the work when play was close. Providence played hard, often forced to concede corners to relieve the pressure and Bethlehem was able to take advantage to make some of well placed corners productive.

New Lineup Deceptive

The deceptive distribution by playing Stark at inside right was evident within a few minutes after the start. The spectators had hardly settled themselves for the game when a pretty movement by the Bethlehem front line went deep into Providence territory where Stark was on the ball. Drawing the defense toward him when it seemed he would make the try, Stark slipped a neat pass to Forrest, who was uncovered and made no mistake with his terrific shot that had Surgener beat.

IT wasn't long after the first goal that Bethlehem netted another. Goldie was on the ball. Handling it cleverly he succeeded in eluding the Providence backs and then when close easily found the net. Spotted two goals early in the game Providence made one of its few raids on the Bethlehem citadel. McLaine managed to get through and with possibly the best opportunity of the game, made his parting shot a stinging one, which Edwards handled cleanly.

Bethlehem monopolized the play practically the remainder of the half, putting on pressure which resulted in corners. Two of these were productive before the half ended, when well placed kicks were headed into the net by Stark. The half ended with Bethlehem leading 4 to 0.

Steelmen Play Pretty Game

Content with the substantial lead piled up in the opening half, Bethlehem gave a pretty exhibition of soccer. In this the Steelmen outdid themselves with their clever manipulating and control of the ball. However, scores were to come and two more goals were notched before the final whistle. The first came on a rebound of a terrific shot off the boot of Gillespie, which struck the cross bar. Goldie followed in and on the rebound netted the ball. The other was scored by Stark from scrimmage close to the net, making three for the day.

Bethlehem -- Providence.
Edwards -- G -- Surgener
Barrie -- RFB -- Abel
Ferguson -- LFB -- McAuley
Rankin -- RHB -- Izatt
Carnihan -- CHB -- Renfrew
MacGregor -- LHB -- Wood
Jaap -- OR -- Green
Stark -- IR -- McLaine
Gillespie -- CF -- Lyons
Forrest -- OL -- Abdullah
Goldie -- IL -- Florie
Goals: Forrest, Gillespie, Goldie, Stark 3. Referee: Courage. Linesmen, Watson and Schinable. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club