The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 18, 1926
Local Champions Slip a Cog on Muddy Field on Foreign Loam, 2 to 1.

Bethlehem met defeat at Fall River Sunday, 2 to 1, on a very muddy ground and in a heavy rain that continued throughout the contest.

During the first half Bethlehem predominated almost entirely, and but for the heavy and watery condition of the ground, and a slippery ball, there is no doubt that a much heavier score would have been obtained. As a matter of fact, an early goal scored by Stark was denied on the claim of offside. Later, through a combination of the forwards, Stark finally was allowed a goal. Shortly after Stark scored Fall River equalized when hands were called against Allen in the penalty area and White made no mistake with his kick. During the first half Blair saved magnificently on several occasions, and Edwards was only occasionally called upon to clear.

During the second half, with rain continuing, and the ground and ball getting heavier, Fall River having made one substitution, the played continued on a more even basis, with opportunities for both sides appearing at intervals. Bethlehem missed a glorious opportunity when both Jaap and Gillespie, having evaded the defense, momentarily halted in indecision as to which should shoot, and the moment's hesitation caused Gillespie to miss his shot.

On several other occasions the forwards were through, but found the ball hampered in its progress by the water and mud. The winning goal was scored by McEachran four minutes from time on a cross from Campbell, which barely missed being headed clear by the defense.

Bethlehem played a wonderful game throughout and earned much praise from the spectators. In the second half Edwards revealed great anticipation and not once was his judgment at fault. The lineup:

Fall River -- Bethlehem
Blair -- G -- Edwards
Martin -- RFB -- Eadie
McGill -- LFB -- Allen
McPherson -- RHB -- Rankin
Wilson -- CHB -- Carnihan
Coyle -- LHB -- McGregor
Campbell -- OR -- Jaap
White -- IR -- Stark
Kennedy - -CF -- Gillespie
Morley -- IL -- Forrest
McEachran -- OL -- Goldie
Goals: Stark, White (penalty), McEachran.
Referee: George Lambie. Linesmen: Odell and Stirrup.
Substitutions: Caldwell for Morley.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club