Bethlehem Globe-Times
Tuesday, October 18, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Free Agents
Bill Cunningham, president of the American Soccer League, put the kibosh on the proposed plan of Sam Marks, Fall River soccer magnate, when he planned to transfer the entire Philadelphia club to Fall River. Cunningham said “nix” to the proposition, apparently determined to keep Philadelphia in the loop. But the Philadelphia end, dripping money on each game, was seemingly not as keen in following out President Cunningham’s suggestion for no attempt was made to dispose of the franchise in the allotted time given and as a result the Phillie soccer players are now free agents. There is nothing to prevent Sam Marks now from swooping down on Philadelphia and going through with his original plan. There is some talk that effort will be made to keep a club in Philadelphia but no one has yet come forward with a bank roll to make it a possibility. Players may be loyal and want to remain in Philadelphia but then they must eat and sleep and there are other little financial obligations one must attend to, to exist. There is no sentiment when business is concerned.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club