Bethlehem Globe-Times
Wednesday, October 19, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Would Not Support a Winner
The soccer situation in Philadelphia is a peculiar one. Usually a winning club, no matter what sport, will at least bring out enough cash customers to pay the freight to operate. But not so in Philadelphia for the franchise is on the market simply because the promoters could not make ends meet and after presenting a team that to date accomplished a few things no other club did. The Phillies defeated Boston but the game was thrown out after a protest of playing an ineligible player. IN the record Boston is undefeated but to the Phillies fans that record means nothing for they witnessed the game in which the Phillies were on the long end of the score at the close of hostilities, leading before the substation was made. Bethlehem put a winning club in Philadelphia several seasons back and won the league championship, but even with a winning club the Phillie fans failed to respond and the Bethlehemites came back to do business at the old stand. The shift of scenery at that time was made in hopes of stimulating greater interest in soccer in the Quaker City.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club