The Globe – South Bethlehem
Tuesday, October 20, 1914
Score of 1-1 at End of Contest on Hibernian Field, Philadelphia.

Bethlehems Soccer team, last year’s American Cup winner, played the Hibernian, Philadelphia, Saturday, at Philadelphia, on the latter’s ground. Fully two thousand spectators were present. Bethlehems was forced to present a somewhat changed line-up owing to Peacock and Campbell being injured. Stewart was at right full back and Lance, inside right. The game was one of the roughest this season, the Hibernian players fouling and kicking.

The Irishmen were first to score after eight minutes of play when following a throw-in, Foster passed to McNichol, who sent it across to Courney who met it with a terrific drive and lodged it in the edge of the net. It was not until twenty-eight minutes of the second half had been played that the American Cup holders equalized. Following a foul against Hibernain, about the forty-yard line on the southern side, Murray punted directly in front of the Hibernian goal where Heinbacker failed to connect with the ball and Miller trapped the sphere about two feet from the goal and easily beat O’Donnell placing it in the corner.

The game was fast and exciting throughout and at times the decisions of Referee George Young did not please some rooters. Immediately after the game a spectator rushed across the field and pushed his hand in Young’s face. Young quickly caught hold of the offender, but they were separated and Young was escorted from the field. Policeman Cairns, a former Tacony F. C. player accompanied him out of the grounds.

Bethlehems had much the better the play, but failed when it had chances to score a few times, especially in the second half, Fleming got free, but his shots were yards wide. One he crossed the ball in front of the Hibernian goal but Heinbecker managed to clear it at the expense of a corner kick. Another time Clark drove a ball directly at goal and O’Donnell made a spectacular save, putting his foot [ . . . ] and causing the ball to bounce over the goal line a corner resulting.

Hibernian had few chances to score, the speedy work of the steelworkers’ fullbacks charging it almost every time it approached the goal line.

Hibernian – Pos. – Bethlehems
O’Donnel – G -- Scaife
Heinbecker – R.F.B. -- Stewart
Groves – L.F.B. -- Toole
Richardson – R.H.B. -- Murray
Jacovelli – C.H.B. -- Morrison
Griffith – L.H.B. -- Lawlor
Coursey – O. [ …] -- Ford
Foster – I. […] -- Lance
McNichol – [ . . . ] -- Clarke
Barrett – [ . . . ] Millar
Waltemate – [ . . . ] -- Fleming
Score – Hibernian 1; Bethlehems, 1. Goals – C0ursey for Hibernian; Millar for Bethlehems. Referee – G. Young. Linesmen – Gossner and Campbell. Time of halves – 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club