The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, October 20, 1926
Carson, Turner and Young Are Now Booting Things With Springfield

Three former favorites on the Bethlehem soccer team will be back in this city on Saturday afternoon when the Springfield, Mass., team comes here to test the merits of the Steelmen. The game will be the first meeting of the locals with Springfield this season in an American Soccer League contest.

The former Bethlehemites who are doing duty with the Springfield club are Dave Carson, for several seasons a Bethlehem goalie; Neil Turner, the veteran outside right who after leaving Bethlehem starred with New Bedford, and John Young, a former Bethlehem back, who played at Boston last year. These players comprise a formidable trio.

Former Players Troublesome

Usually when former Bethlehem players come back to meet the team of which they were once a member they play their best game. They are also familiar with the intricacies of the Bethlehem style and on more than one occasion have been responsible for no little trouble to the Steelmen. Realizing that condition and with only one game scheduled over the weekend, the Bethlehem management can be expected to field its strongest club.

Davy Brown, Giant center forward, is paving the way as high scorer in the league today. The little Gotham forward has a total of twenty goals to his credit. Stark, who held the honors for several seasons, is trailing in the wake with twelve to his credit and is in fourth place. However, since playing at inside right, Stark has materially bettered his chances of scoring and can be expected to make a strong bid to overcome the lead of the players who are out to snare his honors.

The leading goal scorers are: D. Brown, Giants, 20; R. Blair, Boston, 16; A. Stevens, New Bedford, 15; A. Stark, Bethlehem, 12; J. Nelson, Brooklyn 12; S. Kennedy, Fall River 9; W. Paterson, Springfield, 8; D. Campbell, Fall River, 7; R. Miller, Indiana, 7; R. Rock, Philadelphia, 7; A. Neufeld, Brooklyn, 6; M. McLeavy, New Bedford, 6; J. White, Fall River, 6.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club