Bethlehem Globe-Times
Thursday, October 20, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Brewing Trouble
They are saying some nasty things about Sam Marks, owner of the Fall River team in the American Soccer League, in the gossip heard since the loss of the Philadelphia franchise. Insinuations of partiality and what-not have arisen since the loss of the Phillie franchise. Marks, contrary to a verbal agreement of club owners, it is said, is accused of tampering with the Phillie players while the franchise was still intact and hastened the end of big league soccer in Philadelphia. When the franchise was declared lost, the majority of the Phillie players beat it post haste for Fall River, where inducements were more glowing. However, it seems that the real trouble is just brewing.

Wanted Reid and Got Him
Hugh Reid, a big and powerful Irish fullback, was a Phillie. Reid, in fact, came to Bethlehem from Ireland two seasons ago and was one of the Bethlehem backs. The Steelmen were well fortified with backs at the time and while the Phillies were in dire need of players, Bethlehem, big hearted and generous, gave them Reid. Now Bethlehem needs a back to offset the loss of men by injury. Efforts to communicate with Reid disclosed that he had headed for Fall River with the rest of the Phillie players. However, when communicated with he lost little time and is once again a full fledged Bethlehemite. Echoes from Fall River on this transaction, and probably another, will no doubt be interesting to local fans. As yet Sam Marks has had little to say.

A Division Threatened
High-hatted methods in the New England district are alleged and methods of doing business which threaten a possible split. At least that is some of the talk heard now. It is believed that soccer is sufficiently established in the metropolitan and surrounding district to paddle its own canoe. Furthermore, it would not be surprising if one of these days and not so very far in the future, the clubs in this district will sever relations with the New England quota and have a league all their own. This prophecy may be a bit far fetched, but persistent rumblings in the ranks of the American Soccer League lead one to believe that things are not as rosy as indicated on the surface.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club