The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, October 21, 1926
Popular Member of Steel Team To Be At Fullback in Springfield Game

Jock Ferguson, veteran of many grueling soccer campaigns, will be honored on Saturday afternoon. He is one of the old Bethlehem guards and one of the few remaining veterans still able to give a good account of himself. He will be the major domo in the tilt against Springfield on Lehigh Field. The day has been designated as Ferguson Day.

Has Played Many Years

Appropriate to the occasion, Jock will be at his usual fullback position, in which he has cavorted in this country over probably a longer span of years than any other player in big league soccer. Several seasons ago it was believed that Jock was entitled to a rest and he was appointed trainer, keeping in active contact with the players . However, from time to time emergencies decreed that that Ferguson take out his uniform and he has never been found wanting. So effective has his playing been that the management this season is using him to alternate in a fullback position because of the many double headers scheduled.

Ferguson is one of the few original Bethlehem players still in the game. Some ten or twelve years ago he came to Bethlehem and was a member of the great Bethlehem machine in the days when the winning of championships was a foregone conclusion. His popularity is by no means limited to his home town, but he is an idol of soccer fans throughout the American Soccer League and other places where he has played. Players have the utmost respect for him and his gentlemanly and sportsmanlike conduct on the field has never been in question.

To Ferguson the job of playing at fullback seems easy. In fact, he makes it easy and is seldom called upon to make the effort of other defensive players. This is due to his thorough knowledge of the game. The veteran fullback can readily diagnose a raid, times his tackles perfectly and is accurate in kicking the ball on clearances. His inclusion at a defensive position against the aggressive Springfield team assures that the citadel will be well guarded.

May Bring New Men

Reports from Springfield are to the effect that several new players are being sought and will most likely be signed by the club in time for Saturday's game. The newcomer to the American Soccer League gave a brilliant display of merit in being the first club to defeat Fall River this season and the new players were signed in hopes of strengthening the outfit and continuing with a high standard of soccer.

John Young, a fearless and speedy back, cast his lot with Springfield less than two weeks ago. Young played in Bethlehem and when he left the management was loath to see him go. Other former Bethlehem players who are certain to extend themselves against their former teammates are Dave Carson, until the close of last season Bethlehem's first call goalie, and Neil Turner, who left several seasons ago and has played regularly at an outside right position.

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