The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 22, 1917
On Sunday, In a Fast National League Soccer Match.

The first visit to New York this year of the Bethlehem Steel soccer team stirred up soccerites from all parts of New York and a crowd of 3,000 people turned out and saw the champions win from New York, 4 to 1, in a National League game yesterday at Lenox Oval.

Bethlehem won the toss and the home team kicking off rushed the ball close to the Steelworkers' goal in a few seconds, Duncan clearing. The Gothamites kept up the pressure and Koelsch opened the scoring with a brilliant shot two minutes after the kickoff, which was the first goal scored against Bethlehem in the competition.

The visitors worked the ball down the field and forced a corner which was, however, cleared. Up and down the field the play followed until Bethlehem forced another corner, which was immediately succeeded by another, both being cleared through some grand defensive play by McWilliams. A foul against McElroy for a vicious charge at Fleming stopped the game for a few minutes, but the free kick was cleared. Offside against Petrie when well placed spoiled a fine chance for New York to score. A long punt sent the ball out to McKelvey, who returned the ball to Fleming, and from 20 yards out the brilliant outside left crashed the ball into the net, giving Ferro no chance to save. Encouraged by this success, Bethlehem gave New York no rest and swarming to the attack again, Forrest scored Bethlehem's second goal five minutes later. McKelvey again obtained possession, and, after a splendid run down the touchline was checked by McWilliams. Cheered on by their supporters, the New Yorkers attacked in great style, but were met with a solid defense, Fletcher and Ferguson being unpassable. A foul against Murray looked dangerous for Bethlehem, Hunziker just missing a fine opportunity to equalize the score. Half-time arrived with Bethlehem leading 2 to 1.

After the interval the visitors soon got down to the New Yorker goal and after five minutes play, Easton scored the third goal from close range. The home team came back with a rush and Hunziker went a crasher just over the cross bar. From a free kick just outside the penalty area, Kirkpatrick scored the fourth goal. Bethlehem was all over the New Yorkers and in the closing minutes McKelvey hit the cross-bar with a terrific shot.

Bethlehem -- New York
Duncan -- G -- Ferro
Fletcher -- RFB -- Robertson
Ferguson -- LFB -- McWilliams
Murray -- RHB -- Adamson
Campbell -- CHB -- McElroy
Kirkpatrick -- LHB -- Hager
McKelvey -- OR -- O'Halloran
Pepper -- IR -- Hunziker
Easton -- CF -- Koelsch
Fleming -- OL -- Puxty
Referee -- J. Cunningham. Linesmen -- W. Burrows, New York, and R. Morrison, Bethlehem. Goals scored by Fleming, Forrest, Easton, Kirkpatrick, Koelsch. Time of halves -- 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club