The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, October 22, 1926
Stark to Be at Inside Right and Granger at Center -- to Play Springfield

When the Bethlehem soccer team lines up against Springfield in the American Soccer League clash on Lehigh field on Saturday afternoon the spectators will note several drastic changes in the lineup. These changes are made necessary due to injuries and in accordance with the policy of the club in juggling the forward line in hopes of bringing out stronger scoring possibilities.

Stark at Inside Right

It is practically certain that Archie Stark will be at inside right. In fact the management is that impressed with his work in that position that he most likely will be retained there for all time. With Stark at inside right, Gillespie, an outside wingman, was put at center, where he plays a good game. However, it is possible that Johnny Granger, an inside right, will be at the center position when the Steelmen line up against Springfield. These changes are made in the accordance with the experimental policy of the club.

Changes that are forced due to injury will be noted in the halfback line on which two popular favorites will be on the sidelines. Whitely McDonald, right halfback, is still nursing and injured leg while Bill Carnihan, captain, will be given a rest. Carnihan has played in every game thus far and has dropped considerable weight. Physically he is fit, but it is believed that he will be able to build up in poundage by laying off a couple of games.

While both players will be missed the arrangement of the halfback line with its capable reserves should not lose its effectiveness. Arthur Robertson, originally a halfback and who sometimes fills in on the forward line, will be at left half; the veteran Bob MacGregor will move over to center half and Andy Rankin will play at right half, a position at which he has played most regularly since McDonald's injury.

Employees to Root for Jock

Both Allen and Eadie will give way in favor of Jock Ferguson and Barrie at the fullback positions. In playing Ferguson the management is using one of its strongest defensive assets and quite appropriately, too, for the boosters of Machine Shop No. 2, where Ferguson toils, expect to turn out en masse to pay homage to the veteran fullback. Barrie has been alternating with Eadie in all games this season and for effectiveness there is little or nothing to chose between the two . Dave Edwards, in goal, will complete the defensive forces.

Because of the conflict in schedule with the Bethlehem High-Steelton High football game, the soccer management will hold off the game until 3:15 o'clock. The high school game starts at 2 o'clock enabling those who wish to do so to see portion of both games.

The probable lineup follows:

Bethlehem F. C. -- Springfield
Edwards -- G -- Carson
Barrie -- RFB -- Fitzsimmons
Ferguson -- LFB -- Downey
Rankin -- RHB -- Black
MacGregor -- CHB -- Stewart
Robertson -- LHB -- H. McNair
Jaap -- OR -- Farquhar
Stark -- IR -- Campbell
Granger -- CF -- Findlayson
Forrest -- IL -- Travers
Goldie -- OL -- Wasson

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club