The Globe – South Bethlehem
Monday, October 23, 1916 – page 8
Steel Workers Secure Two Goals in First Half – Visiting Team Shows Strength

Bethlehem Steel Company, national and American champion, Saturday defeated Scottish American, of Newark, holder of the American cup two years ago, by the score of two goals to nothing. The two points do not in any way indicate the difference in strength of the two teams. In the first half with a stiff wind facing them, Bethlehem Steel did not show the brilliant teamwork as marked their playing in the second half.

Bethlehem forced six corner kicks in the ninety minutes of play, none of which resulted in a goal. The steel workers secured their two goals in the first half. Ward, the visitors’ goalkeeper, saved no less than six points.

The game started with Bethlehem defending the west goal and a stiff west wind blowing at the time. Five minutes after the contest started McKelvey booted a hot shot toward the visitors goal, which Ward saved on the goal line. A minute later Kirkpatrick registered the first goal on a good low shot which the goalkeeper should have saved.

The ball then traveled up and down the field. Toward the end of the first half Fleming scored the second goal on a stinging shot from the right wing, which Ward was unable to save.

The Scottish-Americans started the second half by furious charges and for five minutes kept the ball dangerously close to Bethlehem’s goal, Duncan saving a few shots.

During the rest of the half Bethlehem extended itself and shot after shot was directed against the visitors’ goal, Ward saving more than eight goals. Both teams presented strong backs. Ratican played a brilliant game, playing two men most of the time but had luck in his tries for goal.

Lineup: --

Scottish-Americans – Position – B. Steel
Ward – goal -- Duncan
Flynn – right full-back -- Ferguson
Costello – right half-back -- Maray
Rogers – center half-back -- Campbell
Holt – left halfback -- Clarke
Murphy – outside right -- McKelvey
Walsh – inside right -- Pepper
Stark – center forward -- Ratican
Smith – inside left -- Kirkpatrick
Brierley – outside left -- Fleming
Goals: McKelvey, Fleming. Referee, J. H. Carpenter. Linesmen, Forrest, Bethlehem Steel; O’Harn Scottish. Time of halves, forty-five minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club