The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, October 23, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Watchful Waiting Steelmen's Policy
Fanning on the proposed Bethlehem-Sparta game originally scheduled to be played in New York on October 31, the writer is informed that there is still a chance of this game materializing. Indiana Flooring, the club that gummed the works with the league executives, has the matter in hand. The floormakers must relent in their attitude toward the proposition. Influences have been brought to bear, but with little effect as yet. However, the Bethlehem management remains optimistic and is anxiously awaiting a telegram that will state everything is O.K. If Bethlehem is barred in playing this game, the action may establish a precedent, which, if followed out, would be the big financial loss to other clubs contemplating similar contest in the future. One would imagine that the league executives, if their interest is the welfare of soccer in this country is sincere, would want to encourage games of international color.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club