The Globe – South Bethlehem
Thursday, October 24, 1914

Official notice, suspending players Millar and Clarke has been received by the Bethlehems club from the United States Football Association. They are barred from participating in any game whatever, until the emergency committee sees fit to lift their suspension. The Emergency committee consists of Dr. Manning, president, and Thomas W. Cahill, secretary of the United States Football Association.

The Bethlehems club has taken the matter up with Dr. Manning and Thomas W. Cahill and are doing their utmost to have the suspension lifted. John Toole who has been suffering of a wrenched ankle and bruised muscle has been confined to bed for the last seven days and was up for the first time yesterday. Peacock had an X-ray examination of his knee made at the Easton Hospital yesterday. The picture shows a torn tendon. A brace is being made for him.

A practice game was played yesterday between Lehigh University and Bethlehems. Secretary Trend refereed the game, put Bethlehems fullbacks and goalkeeper on Lehigh’s team, Williams played goal for Bethlehems. Several Lehigh men signed with Bethlehems Reserves after the game and will assist that club in the Blue Mountain League.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club