The Globe -- Bethlehem
Wednesday, October 24, 1917
Soccer Notes

The Bethlehem Steel soccer team is training hard for Saturday's American Cup game with the Veteran A. A> of Philadelphia and should be able to keep the visitors moving at a fast clip for the full 90 minutes. Manager Campbell of the Veterans states that his team is undergoing special training for this game so that the Steel Workers will not be able to place too much faith in their ability to run the Philadelphia team to a standstill. Very little change if any will be made in the Steel Workers' lineup from the team that gave such a good display against New York last Sunday.

Fletcher, Pepper, Kirkpatrick and Campbell are recovering rapidly from injuries received in the New York game, and will be in first class shape for the Veterans.

Several members of the Veteran team are former Putnam stars and their ability to maintain a fast pace for the full distance is certainly in contrast to the name of Veterans.

Jimmy Easton's ability to make legitimate use of his advantage in weight is a great asset to the Steel Workers' attack.

For some reason hard to explain the style of football seen in a cup game is a great deal different from the average league game. Perhaps the knowledge that defeat means elimination for a year has a lot to do with the strenuous brand of football displayed in these games.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club