The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, October 24, 1918
Soccer Notes

According to the ruling in soccer circles the first game to be played by the Bethlehem F. C. after the quarantine ban is lifted is the game with the New York Ship team. The playing of cup games is imperative and since preference is given to these over league contest the Steel Workers will make their next appearance in Bethlehem.

Announcement comes from New York that the shipbuilders are daily strengthening their team by signing new players. One of the latest of these is "Dick" Spalding, a former Bethlehem player, who last season started for Disstons and McLaughlin, fullback for Disstons last season. With the addition of these two players the New Yorkers now have the former Disstons' defense, Ness having already been signed as goaltender. Spalding played with the Bethlehem F. C. three years ago and then for some reason chose a different territory and drifted to Philadelphia, where he had no trouble lining up with the Disston's squad.

Bethlehem is the team they are anxious to defeat and probably due to the good showing made by Disstons last season the Gotham kickers have always a vacant berth for any of the former sawmakers' squad.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club