The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, October 24, 1921
Philadelphia F. C. Composed of Local Players Defeated Falco 5 to 1.

By defeating Falco, of Holyoke, on Saturday afternoon, the Philadelphia F. C., comprised mostly of former Bethlehem Steel players, retains its position at the top of the American League. The final score was 5 goals to 1.

Falco started out well and was one up a short time from the kickoff when Bethune was penalized in the dreaded area for tripping, Downies converting the resultant penalty awarded by Referee Kerr. However this was the extent of their scoring, as the Quaker side took a hand and Murray got the equalizer shortly with Brittan assuming the lead before the interval.

After crossing over, there was no doubting the superiority of the Philadelphians, the Down Easters being unable to fathom the strong defense of the homesters, while the latter got through for three more tallies. Lineup:

Phila. F. C. -- Falco
Kerr -- G -- W. Gray
Bethune -- RFB -- Logan
Ferguson -- LFB -- Burnett
Murray -- RHB -- McKechnie
Porter -- CHB -- A. Gray
Lorimer -- LHB -- Moodie
Collier -- OR -- Moir
Morley -- IR -- Brown
Brittan -- CF -- Dowdall
Campbell -- IL -- Bownie
Fleming -- OL -- Maycock
Referee: J. Kerr. Linesmen -- Fullerton and Rankin. Time of halves -- 45 minutes. Goals for Philadelphia: Brittan, 2; Murray, Morley, Fleming. Goal for Falco -- Bownie (penalty).

Other Results

The Todd's Shipyard F. C. beat the J & P Coats eleven by 4 to 1 in an American League game at Todd's Field, Brooklyn, yesterday. McGuire broke through twice before five minutes of play had elapsed and scored two brilliant goals.

The New York soccer team gave a brilliant show of clever football at New York Oval yesterday and easily beat the famous Fall River eleven by 6 to 1 in the American League competition.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club