The Globe – South Bethlehem
Monday, October 26, 1914
Tacony Encouraged by Unearned Goal – Bethlehems’ Star Quartet Disabled and Unable to Play

Bethlehem and Henry Disston F. C. of the American League of Pennsylvania played their first league game on the East End field Saturday. A tie of two goals each resulted. Although in justice to Bethlehems it must be said that Henry Disston was very lucky to get a division of the points.

The game was one of the most spirited contests ever seen on the home grounds. Bethlehems was forced to take the field with four star players on the injured list, Peacock, Toole, Lance and Galbraith being unable to play, the rearrangement of the team affected their work considerably but as it was, they obtained a two goal lead over Henry Disston and had it not been for an unlucky break it would have undoubtedly won.

With only twenty minutes to go and with a two goal lead, Scaife in clearing the ball kicked it against Stewart the Bethlehems fullback and it rebounded back into the net thus giving Disston a valuable goal. This encouraged Disston and it attacked fiercely and just before the final whistle sounded Houison got through and equalized the score.

The game was a treat. Both teams gave an exhibition of soccer, the like of which is seldom seen. Disston had its strongest possible line-up and put up a hard fight. Small, Houison and Burrows showed to advantage while on the Bethlehems’ side Morrison, Ford, Murray and Millar did the best work. The line-up:

Bethlehems – Henry Disston
Scaife – goal -- Ness
Stewart – right full-back -- Small
Murray – left full-back -- McEwan
Campbell – right half-back -- Mathews
Morrison – center half-back -- Kirkpatrick
Lawler – left half-back -- Faulkner
Ford – outside right – Burroughs
Donaghy – inside right -- Rogers
Clarke – center full-back -- Lynch
Millar – inside left -- Houison
Fleming – outside left -- Anderson
Referee – G. Young. Linesman, Nicholson and Williamson. Goals, Ford Clarke, Stewart and Hoison. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club