Bethlehem Globe-Times
Wednesday, October 26, 1927
A Swing Along Athletic Row

The Versatile Rollo
A unique performance of any individual is worthy of comment. Such an individual was Johnny Rollo, who now can be termed the general utility ace of the Bethlehem Soccer Club. He is one of the smallest men on the team, but sturdy and well conditioned and can take his bumps with seemingly little effect. The stocky Johnny has proven that he can readily adapt himself to any position on the soccer team and is capable in any position he plays. In two games over the weekend, he played at four different positions, three in one game. In the Brooklyn game here on Saturday, he started the game at inside left. Midway in the first half when Edwards was injured and in the general shakeup which sent McDonald to right fullback, Rollo was assigned to take the white topped one’s place at right halfback. There was still another position for him to play in the game against the New York Nationals. Goldie is recovering from an illness but is not yet fit. Rollo was the man to take his place, making it four different positions he played in two games. As an asset to the club, the diminutive Johnny who ranks in size with the pony combination of Goldie and Jaap, is one of the most valuable men on the club.

Remarkable Performance
While on the subject of soccer, it might not be amiss to refer to the campaigning of the Bethlehem team to date as nothing short of marvelous. Handicapped with injuries and illness, the club has nevertheless maintained a winning stride. Bethlehem is not leading the circuit, but the champions are in a commanding position in fourth place. Probably when some of the other clubs hit the flock of double-headers encountered by the Steelmen, the arrangement of the club standing will be quite different. The champions have played more double-headers thus far this season than any other club. Five, to be exact, and these twin bills tossed the Steelmen in competition against the strongest of the New England clubs and incidentally teams that are on the top in the league standing. The management is anxiously awaiting the opportunity of fielding a club when the condition of any of the players to b e assigned will not have to be considered.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club