The Globe -- South Bethlehem
Wednesday, October 27, 1909
Hibernian Soccer Team

The Hibernian soccer team, champions of the state, and the only team picked to play the Pilgrims, champions of England who are now touring this country, are scheduled to play the Bethlehem soccer team next Saturday at Philadelphia. The locals will leave on the 12:45 o'clock Philadelphia & Reading train for the Quaker City. The absence of Capt. Lewis, outside right, who will be away on a business trip, will handicap the team considerably. Albert Lewis will play in his stead. Mgr. Trend has signed Carpenter, Reading's crack goal keeper and he will appear for the first time in Saturday's contest. The lineup of the Bethlehem team follows: Goal, H. Carpenter; left fullback, W. McKinnon; right fullback, Rowland; left halfback, A. Rowland; center halfback, A. Muirhead; right halfback, S. Gilbert; outside right, A. Lewis; inside right, H. Williams; center forward, H. Trend; inside left, M. McKinnon; outside left, M. Leonard.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club