The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, October 27, 1925
Another Series of Games Announce -- Bethlehem at New Bedford Thanksgiving Day.

Doping out the schedule in the American Soccer League piecemeal is a routine employed by the executives in arranging the game and in this manner it is possible to avoid conflict with the craw for the cup competition, which will not be started for some time. The second batch of dates, to run from November 7 to December 6, was arranged on Sunday in New York City. Twelve clubs of the professional circuit will be in action on Thanksgiving Day and Bethlehem Steel is to play its game at New Bedford.

The new section of the schedule, with the first named club in each pairing being the home club, follows:

November 7 -- Bethlehem vs. Newark; Coats vs. Brooklyn; Boston vs. Indiana; Shawsheen vs. Philadelphia; New Bedford vs. New York Giants.

November 8 -- Fall River vs. Providence, New York Giants vs. Philadelphia

November 14 -- Boston vs. Bethlehem; Coats vs. Indiana; New Bedford vs. Shawsheen; Philadelphia vs. New York Giants.

November 15 -- Indiana vs. Brooklyn; Newark vs. Fall River; Providence vs. Boston; New York Giants vs. New Bedford.

November 21 -- New Bedford vs. Boston; Shawsheen vs. Indiana; Coats vs. Bethlehem.

November 22 -- New York Giants vs. Providence; Fall River vs. Indiana; Brooklyn vs. Philadelphia; Newark vs. New Bedford.

November 26 -- Indiana vs. Fall River; Boston vs. Coats; Philadelphia vs. Newark; Providence vs. Shawsheen; New Bedford vs. Bethlehem; Brooklyn vs. New York Giants.

November 28 -- Philadelphia vs. Fall River; Shawsheen vs. Boston; Bethlehem vs. Indiana; New Bedford vs. Brooklyn; Coats vs. Providence.

November 29 -- Providence vs. New Bedford; New York Giants vs. Fall River; Newark vs. Brooklyn.

December 5 -- Shawsheen vs. Brooklyn; Bethlehem vs. Coats; Boston vs. New Bedford; Philadelphia vs. Indiana.

December 6 -- Indiana vs. Coats; Providence vs. Brooklyn; Fall River vs. Shawsheen; Newark vs. New York Giants.

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