Bethlehem Globe-Times
Thursday, October 27, 1927
Hitch Develops in Transfer of Former Fall River Player to Bethlehem

Additional barriers confront the Bethlehem Steel management in fielding a club for the game against the New York Giants here on Saturday. Handicapped by the loss of many players because of injury, it is doubtful if Hugh Reid will be available for a fullback position.

A controversy involving Fall River, Bethlehem and the league executives relative to which club Reid belongs is started and as yet the league has failed to sanction Reid as a member of the Bethlehem team.

Sam Marks, owner and manager of the Fall River team, claims the big Irish fullback, contending that Reid journeyed to Fall River after the Phillies disbanded and signed a tentative agreement. Reid does not deny that he signed the tentative agreement but is of the same opinion as the Bethlehem management that since no regular league contract was signed the tentative agreement is not binding.

Reid was used as a fullback with Bethlehem in the game against the New York Nationals last Sunday but not until arrangements had been made with Sam Marks, Fall River soccer magnate, to “loan” the player for the day. Now Marks wants Reid to return to Fall River and Bethlehem wants him to stay here. Insofar as soccer is concerned the controversy is seemingly one for the league executives to decide and with the conditions confronting the Bethlehem team at this time should have been decided this week. Marks is willing to allow Reid to remain in Bethlehem providing the Bethlehem management pay a fabulous sum in return.

Should the club lose Reid for Saturday’s game the team will be in dire straits for fullbacks. McDonald, a halfback, is already certain to play the right fullback position. With Reid lost the only other available player for this position will be the veteran Jock Ferguson.

Determined to give the Steelmen a hard battle and if possible win the game, the Giants have signed some new players who will probably make their first appearance against the Steelmen on Saturday afternoon. One in especially who it is believed will greatly strengthen the club is Sam Schillinger, refereed to as the “Dentist from Jerusalem.” Schillinger will probably play instead of Tandler at right fullback.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club