Bethlehem Globe
Thursday, October 28, 1915

L. Wilcox, president of the American league of Philadelphia, has notified the Bethlehem management that he will be in town on Saturday, to witness the Bethlehem vs. Hibernian, American cup game.

The list of players received by the local management from the Hibernian club contains the names of eighteen well-known players, many of whom will be recognized by local soccer fans and are as follows: Hughes, Pearce, Wilson, Jones, Robinson, Richardson, Renson, G. Jacoveli, C. Jacoveli, Coursey, Burgin, R. Gallagher, W. Gallagher, Barrett, Waltemate, McCaffrey, Blaney and Sanford.

Should the game end a tie, on Saturday, it would have to be replayed the following Saturday, on the Hibernian grounds in Philadelphia and extra time would have to be played in this case. In the event of two tie games then the game would be played on neutral grounds, and to a finish. The game is scheduled to start promptly at 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Bethelehm Steel Soccer Club