The Globe -- Bethlehem
Tuesday, October 28, 1924
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Lacked in Distributing Play
Probably no more shocking defeat was ever sustained by the Steel Workers as the humiliating setback at the hands of a concededly much weaker aggregation. Reference to the New Bedford game at New Bedford over the weekend. History simply repeated itself in that in each of the other two defeats Bethlehem was conquered after having the best of the play. From critical comment heart since the Saturday game, it seems that the players simply refused to adapt themselves to a style of play to combat that of the opponents and readily fell victims to the tactics employed by their rivals. New Bedford went into the game feeling that the team didn't have a Chinaman's chance of winning but determined to check the scoring as much as possible. The result was that New Bedford was willing to assume an entirely defensive attitude and Bethlehem players were either too slow thinking to diagnose the object of their rival or felt entirely too overconfident in their ability to defeat New Bedford no matter what style of play the team adopted. The forwards lacked in finish and from what we learned were most to blame. However, the halfbacks, it is said, also failed to function properly and instead of distributing the play and swinging the ball to the wings to draw out the defense there was entirely too much elaborate carpet weaving with the ball kept in play among the inside men. Bethlehem had opportunities galore but couldn't profit by them. New Bedford didn't have nearly as many chances but took advantage of the opportunity when it presented itself. The penalty kick award was questionable, so they say. Be that as it may Bethlehem should have had enough goals by the time the penalty was awarded to win half a dozen games. "One can't realize how humiliating the defeat was," were the remarks of the spectator, "until New Bedford comes to Bethlehem for the remaining gam. If Bethlehem doesn't take that by a margin of 5 goals, I'm a fish." The Steel Workers must remember that it is goals that bring victory and unless a more determined effort is made to pile up a score Bethlehem will continue to swing around the mid-way mark in the standing. Fall River, the team that faces Bethlehem here on Saturday afternoon, bowled over New Bedford on Sunday by the score of 5 to 0. However, it must be considered that New Bedford after its hard game with Bethlehem could hardly have been at its best for the Fall River setto the following day.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club