The Globe -- Bethlehem
Friday, October 29, 1926
Some Selections For Boston Game Not to Be Decided Until Play Time

Doubt as to the choice in two positions for the lineup of the Bethlehem Steel team to oppose the strong Boston club in the American Soccer League game on the Steel Field, remained after the big practice on Thursday afternoon. The tentative selection was given out with the understanding that choice between Dave Gillespie and Johnny Granger, at center forward, and also between Johnny Rollo and George Forrest, at inside left, would not be made until game time.

With only one game scheduled over the weekend, Bethlehem will not have to be sparing in the selection of players as would be the case in a double header. The relief after the strenuous schedule is most welcome and will enable the club to present what in its opinion will be the strongest lineup possible.

Hubmen Going Strong

The Hubmen come to Lehigh field with an envious record which includes feats that Bethlehem was thus far unable to accomplish, a victory over Fall River and Indiana Flooring by decisive scores, there being the only two clubs to defeat Bethlehem this season.

For merit the teams are probably the best matched in the league. Boston plays the same style of game as Bethlehem, relying on cleverness as well as aggressiveness. The lineup of the Hubmen, too, boasts of an array of former big league Scottish talent, which also comprises the bulk of the Bethlehem team.

The old interest manifest among the steel workers years back is again being revived and the boosters have wisely designated certain days throughout the season as representative of certain departments in the plant. Last week one of the departments turned out en masse and rooted for the home club. Jimmy Bell, popular minstrel, and an eight piece orchestra were also there to enliven the occasion. The same orchestra and the same Mr. Bell will again be present to entertain the workers of the Central Tool Room, who are mustering their forces 100 percent to give the Bethlehem booters a cheer.

Following is the probable lineup:

Bethlehem -- Boston
Edwards -- G -- Davidson
Eadie -- RFB -- McIntyre
Allan -- LFB -- McMillan
Rankin -- RHB -- R. Ballantyne
Carnihan -- CHB -- Shortt
MacGregor -- LHB -- McConnigle
Jaap -- OR -- McNabb
Stark -- IR -- J. Ballantyne
Gillespie or Granger -- CF -- Blair
Rollo or Forrest -- IL -- Neilson
Goldie -- OL -- Doherty or Fleming

The weekend games scheduled in the league are as follows

Bethlehem vs. Boston at Bethlehem. Referee, W. Braser. Linesmen, John Walder and J. Donahue.
Philadelphia vs. J & P Coats at Philadelphia. Referee, Pat Howley. Linesmen, James Walder and D. Oates.
Springfield vs. Providence at Springfield. Referee, G. Lambie. Linesmen, T. Moodie and J. Singleton.
New Bedford vs. New York Giants at New Bedford. Referee, A. Hart. Linesmen, R. Rose and J. Stirrup.

Indiana Flooring vs. J & P Coats at Indiana-New York Oval. Referee, C. Ward. Linesmen, J. Coutts and C. Loughlin.
Brooklyn vs. Providence at Brooklyn. Referee, J. Connachin. Linesmen, S. Dav and J. Philburn.
Newark vs. Boston at Newark. Referee, J. Hayes. Linesmen, A. Laurie and T. McMullen.
Fall River vs. New York Giants at Tiverton, R. I. Referee, W. Norse. Linesmen, P. Moran and S. Quinn.

All games start at 3 p.m.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club