Bethlehem Globe-Times
Saturday, October 29, 1927
Sam Marks, of Fall River, Asks Nifty Sum of Simoleons for Transfer

Partial relief in fielding a representative soccer team for the game against the New York Giants here this afternoon came in a telegram to the management of the Bethlehem Steel Co., from Sam Marks, owner of the Fall River team, granting permission to use Reid in this game.

The status, however, of the big Irish fullback remains unchanged. Fall River contends that since Reid signed a tentative agreement he is the property of Fall River. The Bethlehem management, however, is of the opinion that since the Philadelphia club disbanded and Reid did not sign a regular league agreement, he was a free lance.

Fall River is willing to allow Reid to remain with Bethlehem but is asking the local management a big price for his transfer. If the matter is not disposed of between the two clubs involved, it is more than likely that it will be submitted to the league for disposition.

An important meeting of the American Soccer League will be held in New York City next Monday night. The purpose is to arrange a revision of the schedule together with other important issues now pending. A revision of the schedule is necessary since Philadelphia lost its franchise and Hartford, a new club in the league this year, was persuaded to discontinue to evenly balance the league.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club