The Globe -- Bethlehem
Saturday, October 30, 1926
Carnihan, Granger and Smith to Be in All U. S. Lineup Against Canadians

Three Bethlehem soccer players are included in the team that will represent the United States in the International soccer match against Canada at Ebbetts Field, Brooklyn, on November 6. The players are hand picked by the United States Football Association.

While this allotment of champions will probably be cut down to two players was intimated by the management this morning, stating that with the triple header over that same weekend it is not possible to grant the request of the association. Also that the name of Granger was included with the management entirely unaware of his selection.

The club don't mind favoring with one or two players but is strongly opposed to three. Over that weekend Bethlehem has three games in as many days and each in a different part of the country. On Saturday the team will be at Pawtucket, the following Sunday at Newark and then on Monday in Toronto to meet United Ulster, champions of the Dominion.

The players to represent America in the international clash have been taken from teams in the American Soccer League, the big pro organization in this country. The honor of the captaincy goes to Davey Brown of the New York Giants, foremost native player and leading goal scorer in the American League.

In addition to Brown, the Giants have contributed George Moorehouse as reserve man. Two players have been taken from Brooklyn, three from Bethlehem, the national champions, two from Providence, once from Fall River, another from Newark and one from New Bedford.

The teams from both these countries will lineup as follows:

United States -- Canada
Kerr (Fall River) -- G -- Kennaway (Canadian Pac.)
J. Marshall (Newark) -- RFB -- Barnes (Canadian Pac.)
Wilson (Brooklyn) -- LFB -- Dinnie (Ulster United)
Morris (Brooklyn) -- RHB -- Clulow (Ulster United)
Carnihan (Bethlehem) -- CHB -- Williams (Ulster United)
Auld (Providence) -- LHB -- Bell (Carsteel)
Brown (N. Y. Giants) -- OR -- Faulkner (Ulster United)
Granger (Bethlehem) -- IR -- Galloway (Ulster United)
Brittan (New Bedford) -- CF -- Graham (Ulster United)
Smith (Bethlehem) -- IL -- Kelly (Ulster United)
Florie (Providence)-- OL -- Baillie (Montreal Scottish)
Moorehouse (N. Y. Giants) -- Reserve

Referee -- Charles Creighton of Brooklyn. Linesmen -- Wilfrid Hollywood of Brooklyn and David L. Gould of Philadelphia. U. S. F. A. Representative -- Dr. G. R. Manning of New York City. Manager of United States Team -- Nathan Agar of Brooklyn. Trainer of United States team -- Jack Coll of Brooklyn. Field Delegate -- Herbert F. Murray of Providence, R. I. Chairman of Arrangements -- Andrew M. Brown of Bayonne, N. J. Financial Representative -- James Armstrong of Brooklyn.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club