Bethlehem Globe
Monday, October 31, 1927
N. Y. Giants Lead of 1 to 0 in First Half Overcome in Second Session.

In one of the most exciting games of the season the Bethlehem Steel soccer team defeated the New York Giants Saturday afternoon on Lehigh Field by a score of two to one, after being a goal to the bad at half time. The game was a regular scheduled American League match and the victory sends the Steelmen’s percentage up as a result.

IT was a great game from start to finish, with plenty of thrills coupled with flashes of brilliant soccer. The Giants in the first half showed some sparkling combination work. The way the inside forwards tapped the ball back and forth to each other ending with a swing pass to Schwartz the flashing outside right, was well worth watching, and Schwartz never disappointed. Several times the Bethlehem goal was saved only at the expense of corners. Corners galore fell to the lot of the Giants, about six of them in the first half, but fortunately, none productive of a score.

The Giants scored their first goal after twelve minutes of play. Gruenwald and Hausler worked the ball down with pretty combination work and the latter sent out to Schwartz. The Giants’ right wing man rounded Reid like a flash and sent in a shot that traveled true to the mark. Guedert stopped it but the shot was too hot to handle cleanly. On the rebound Brown came rushing in and landed the ball in the net without giving the Bethlehem goalie a second chance.

Stark who is still suffering from injuries and recent illness, couldn’t stand the pace and left the game after fifteen minutes, O’Neil taking his place. Both goals had some narrow escapes before half-time. Once Jaap headed in and McClure just managed to tip the ball over the bar for a corner. The Guedert saved twice from Brown and O’Brien. Another time Schwartz broke through and it looked bad for Bethlehem, but his shot went wide. A little later Gruenwald got away and with only Guedert to beat sent the ball right into the goalie’s hands. Jaap heartened the locals a couple of times with fast getaways down the right, ending with good centers and each time a Bethlehem man fastened on the ball, only to see McClure at his best as he defended his goal.

The Steelmen started the second half as if they meant business. The firm of Jaap, Gillespie and Granger profited from the Giants’ lesson in the first half and started some inside passing work of their own. Not only did Bethlehem show flashes of combination, but they made more progress, the forwards moving with the ball. Often the Giants in the second half would touch the ball to each other and give the Bethlehem halves the run around, which was something pretty to watch, but it did not take the ball toward the Bethlehem goal. On the other hand the Steelmen started to plug away, swinging the ball to Jaap and Rollo. Inside of five minutes it worked up to the first goal for Bethlehem, as Jaap was getting down and swinging the ball across the Giants’ goal mouth. In this manner Jaap worked the Giants for a corner kick. He took the kick and the ball dropped to Granger, who made no mistake, landing the ball in the net for the equalizer.

This score aroused the Giants, who put on pressure and Guedert was called on to save in succession from Brown and Schwartz. The Giants’ right winger was being tied again and he dropped two lovely centers and every time it spelled danger to Bethlehem. McMeekin was brought in at left back in place of H. Reid to try and stop the danger from the Giants’ right wing. It worked from the start as Schwartz was stopped from then on. It was one of the bright spots of the game to watch Schwartz and McMeekin. Several times Schwartz tried to beat McMeekin, but the latter finally outwitted the flash.

Twice McMeekin was penalized for tripping, while he was also forced to play the ball outside three times and was also glad enough to give away a couple of corners, all of which shows to what efforts McMeekin was put in saving the lines from the Giants’ right wing firing squad. Once the Giants had to suffer when McMeekin attempted a wicked trip as Schwartz was rounding him. McMeekin did not bring Schwartz down so the latter sent across a lovely pass which Brown headed into the net. Referee Walder had tooted his whistle earlier to penalize McMeekin so the goal didn’t count. The Giants put up a protest but the decision stood.

With about fifteen minutes to go Rollo tricked a couple Giant defenders and shot true to the mark, but McClure saved at the expense of a corner. A little later the halves sent the ball to Jaap who placed the ball right into the Giants’ territory. There was some mix-up and finally Gillespie got his foot to the ball and in a twinkle the leather was in the net for the final and winning tally.

Bethlehem – N. Y. Giants
Guedert – G – McClure
McDonald – RFB – Schillinger
H. Reid – LFB – Moorehouse
W. Reid – RHB – Cameron
Carnihan – CHB – Guttmann
McGregor – LHB – Hurd
Jaap – OR – Schwartz
Stark – IR – Haeusler
Gillespie – CF – Gruenwald
Granger – IL – O’Brien
Rollo – OL – Brown
Goals by Granger and Gillespie for Bethlehem and Brown for Giants. Substitutes: O’Neill for Stark, McMillan for H. Reid, Weiner for Haeusler. Officials: James Walder, Philadelphia, Referee, J. Carpenter, Bethlehem and H. Watson, Philadelphia, linesmen.

Lose Exhibition Tilt

Failure to convert two penalty kicks, one by Rollo and the other by Johnny Jaap, proved costly to the Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club in its exhibition game against the New York Giants at Starlight Park, New York, on Sunday afternoon. The Steelmen, with a rearranged lineup which was necessitated by the many injuries on the club, lost by the score of 4 to 1. The game was witnessed by the largest crowd to see a soccer game in New York this season.

The Giants, who gave a great show through the entire ninety minutes, got off the mark at a terrific clip and within fifteen minutes had rolled up a three-goal lead from which they were never headed off. The Bethlehemites were completely outplayed in the first half, the New Yorkers running them off their feet.

Davie Brown got the first goal after only five minutes of play by catching a rebound from Haeusler’s shot, which crashed against the cross-bar. Gruenwald came through with the second five minutes later, also with Haeusler’s help, and Brown made it three straight soon afterwards. The Steelworkers woke up and attacked strongly. After obtaining two corners which were cleared, Schillinger fouled Gillespie in the penalty area, but Fabian made a wonderful save from Jaap’s spot kick.

Bethlehem showed up much better upon turning around and Goldie soon reduced the lead from Gillespie’s pass, but the Giants went right after them and a great shot from Gruenwald, which completely fooled Geudert, made the score 4 to 1.

The Steelworkers staged one of their famous last minute rallies and after Goldie had scored again, forced several corner kicks, but all were cleared. In repelling a fierce onslaught, Guttmann handled the ball in the dreaded arena, but Rollo made a bad mess of the penalty kick by shooting wide.

N. Y. Giants – Bethlehem
Fabian – G – Geudert
Schillinger – RFB – H. Reid
Moorhouse – LFB – McMeekin
Gold – RHB – MacDonald
Guttman – CHB – MacGregor
Herd – LHB – W. Reid
Schwarz – OR – O’Neil
Haeusler – IR – Jaap
Gruenwald – CF – Gillespie
O’Brien – IL – Rollo
Brown – OL – Goldie
Goals: Brown 2, Gruenwald 2, Goldie. Substitutions: Meinar for Schwartz, Robertson for W. Reid. Referee: C. E. Creighton. Linesmen, P. Kelly and J. Hume. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club