The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, November 1, 1917

When the Bethlehem Steel team plays in New York or vicinity quite a number of the fans who would otherwise be neutral root for the champions. This is a direct result of the clean, gentlemanly game they put up at all times.

The first round of the U. S. F. A. cup will be played Sunday. Both Paterson and Bethlehem drew byes in the first round.

The draw for the second round of the American cup will take place on Saturday at Newark. Most of the leading clubs in the east are still in the running.

Manager Carside of the Paterson F. C. reports that his team is undergoing special training, and will be in first class condition for the Bethlehem Steel game on Sunday at Paterson. He also states that the 5 to 1 victory over the Babcock and Wilcox team has raised soccer enthusiasm to a high pitch and the greatest crowd ever seen at a soccer game in Paterson is expected to be on hand. That Paterson will make a great effort to annex the points goes without saying and the Steel Workers look forward to the keenest and hardest fought contest of the year. It sometimes happens that a winning club underrates the caliber of the opposition and the game is won and lost before they wake up, but the possibility of a surprise of this order is very remote as all the Bethlehem players understand the situation thoroughly, and if the league leadership is wrestled from them it will be after one of the keenest struggles ever seen in the east.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club