The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 1, 1926
Two Leading Soccer Teams Put On a Torrid Game on Lehigh Field

Bethlehem and Boston battled to a 1-1 tie on an American Soccer League game here Saturday, the locals scoring in the first half, by Stark and Fleming equalizing for the Hubmen shortly after the interval.

Bethlehem Loses Breaks

Boston playing its first game of the season here, started off with a rush and in the first few minutes Fleming put in a tantalizing lob which Edwards picked from under the bar. The Bethlehem defense found it hard to establish themselves to conditions, and Fleming was robbed of a good opportunity to score when Edwards scooped a ball away from his foot. Again Blair had an opening when a neat pass from Shortt placed him in scoring position, but his parting effort was wide and high.

After fifteen minutes of play, Bethlehem settled down in earnest and from that time to the interval kept the Boston defense on tenterhooks. One of the local drives was almost productive of a tally, Stark's terrific shot being deflected for a fruitless corner by Shortt. Continuing the pressure, Jaap missed by inches. At the other end Blair was hurried after scooping up a loose ball and shot wildly.

A desperate effort by Stark came near to putting Bethlehem in the lead. A free kick was placed into the goal mouth by MacGregor. In clearing the Boston goalie fell, the ball bouncing clear. Sensing an opportunity, Stark rushed over and took a snap shot when t raveling away from the goal, and the ball barely cleared the bar.

Such pressure as the Bethlehem forwards were exerting could not be denied for long, and their efforts were rewarded after Goldie had forced corner off McIntyre. The corner kick was beautifully placed, just beyond the reach of Davidson who came out of his goal in an attempt to clear. Jaap headed the ball into the goal mouth, where Stark, rushing in, also met it with his head. Just as the ball passed under the bar, a Boston defender headed it out, but the referee, without any hesitation, blew for a goal. The Boston players disputed the decision, but the official was standing on the goal line and could not have been mistaken. A few minutes before the interval Rollo had hard luck with a smashing volley which hit the upright with the goalie hopelessly beaten.

Fleming Scores for Boston

Boston seemed to be a changed team when play resumed, and the players were hardly warmed up when Fleming scored. His tally was registered directly from a free kick, given against Eadie. He drove in a terrific shot, catching Edwards off guard, the ball entering the rigging just over the "keeper's head."

From that time on the play was fast and furious. Both teams battled desperately for the winning goal. Feeling crept into the proceedings, and at times the play was somewhat rough. It was probably the fastest soccer seen on the local lot this season. Play switched from one end of the field to the other with amazing swiftness. Carnihan at one time dribbled the ball down and took a shot. Neilson made a great run down the right but Carnihan brought him to a stop. Eadie and Ferguson, the latter having substituted for Allan at half time, had their hands full, but rose to the occasion.

First Boston would press then in a twinkling, the play would be at the other end of the field. On one occasion Goldie, after a made chance after a loose ball, who balked when the sphere took a bad hop as he was about to shoot. Then Forrest took a first-time crack with his left but was a trifle high.

Boston came back and Edwards made a great stop of Fleming's sizzling drive. There was a hot scrimmage in front of the goal and Ferguson literally scrambled the ball to safety. A draw represented the run of the play, although Boston showed signs of tiring near the end and kicked the ball out of play frequently. It was a very vigorous game, especially in the second half. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel F. C. -- Boston F. C
Edwards -- G -- Davidson
Eadie -- RFB -- (c) McIntyre
Allan -- LFB -- McMillan
Rankin -- RHB -- Battles
Carnihan (c) -- CHB -- Shortt
MacGregor -- LHB -- R. Ballantyne
Jaap -- OR -- McNab
Stark -- IR -- Neilson
Gillespie -- CF -- Blair
Rollo -- IL -- J. Ballentyne
Goldie -- OL -- Fleming
Goals -- Bethlehem: Stark. Boston: Fleming. Substitutions -- Bethlehem: Ferguson for Allan, Forrest for Rollo; Boston, none. Referee -- W. Fraser. Linesmen -- McChene and Donaghue. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club