Bethlehem Globe
Tuesday, November 1, 1927
Former Indiana Flooring Booters to Engage Steel Team on Lehigh Field.

The rearrangement of the schedule adopted at a special meeting of the American Soccer League held in New York on Monday night does not affect in Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club insofar as a home game is concerned here on Saturday. The New York Nationals, Charley Stoneham’s Polo Ground club, will be the Steelmen’s opponent.

While the Nationals are holding down a cellar position in the league standing, the team has been greatly improved and strengthened since the start of the season. Mr. Stoneham, New York Giant baseball magnate, has spared neither expense nor time in rounding together a formidable eleven and has just about succeeded in completely revamping his team.

The New York Nationals were formerly the Indiana Flooring team. However, with the wealth of new talent local soccer fans who were familiar with the Indiana players will hardly recognized the Nationals as the same club.

One of the most recent acquisitions to the Nationals is George Henderson, a center forward, an outstanding player in Scotland with the Rangers. Henderson made his initial debut with the Nationals last Sunday and although hardly acclimated to the American style of play, scored three goals for his team.

The Steelmen handicapped since the very start of the season with injuries and seemingly unable to throw off the jinx are making a gallant fight to retain their standing as one of the contending clubs. Their performance to date with a rearranged lineup for almost every game has been nothing short of marvelous and when the team again hits its stride there is every hope to believe that Bethlehem will be successful in retaining the league championship.

Over the weekend Bethlehem improved its league standing by moving from fourth to third place. The climb up the ladder has been gradual but with the league season a long way still to go there will be plenty of opportunity to gain the top rung. However, the club can ill afford to lose any games at this time, especially home tilts.

Fortunately the Steelmen are schedule only for the Saturday game here over the weekend and the management will not be compelled to exact as great a care in selecting the lineup as if the team had another game away from home on Sunday.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club