The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 2, 1925
Local Soccer Team Easily Wins Over Quaker City Dribblers by Big Score of 8-0

Bethlehem Steel running wild thumped the Philadelphia F. C. good and hard in the American Soccer League game played at the latter place on Sunday afternoon, winning by the overwhelming score of 8 goals to none. It was a field day for the Steel Workers who in spite of playing on a soggy field that made footing treacherous breezed through their opponents in championship style. From the opening minutes of the one-sided affair the outcome of the game was never in doubt.

After the first half, which ended 5 to 0, the Steelworkers took things easy. The ball was in Philly territory almost throughout the entire game. The Bethlehemites demonstrated their superiority from the very beginning. They were continually threatening the Phillies' goal, who made many saves, and gave the pretties bit of goaltending under difficulties that has been seen on the local field for some time.

Bethlehem scored its first point a few minutes after the game started, when Purvis took a pass from the right halfback and booted the ball between the uprights.

Purvis found the net for two more points in the first half, each time dribbling around a Phillies back and shooting the ball out of reach of Kucklick.

Goldie booted the ball from the side of the field directly under the upright for a spectacular point.

In the second half the Bethlehem players seemed content with passing the ball and keeping the Philly players bay.

Stark, the high-scoring Bethlehem center forward, found the nets for two points in this half. One was kicked from a difficult position. He half turned as the ball reached him and booted it into the net.

Purvis scored the final point on a penalty kick. Cameron, outside right, also scored for Bethlehem. The lineup:

Philadelphia -- Bethlehem
Kucklick -- G -- Carson
Rodgers -- RFB -- Ferguson
Rudd -- LFB -- Allen
Lyon -- RHB -- McDonald
Morrison -- CHB -- Carnihan
McGuire -- LHB -- MacGregor
McVean -- OR -- Cameron
McGhee -- IR -- Purvis
Davis -- CF -- Stark
Duffy -- IL -- Jaap
Andrews -- OL -- Goldie
Goals -- Purvis 3 (one penalty); Goldie, Cameron, Stark 2. Time -- 45 minute halves.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club