The Globe - South Bethlehem
Tuesday, November 3, 1914
Metropolitan Plays Fails to Score. Home Team Runs up Six Points.

In the first round of the American Cup competition, Bethlehems on Saturday eliminated West Philadelphia, 6-0. The local team secured the victory with a rearranged team, due to Peacock, Toole and Campbell being out of the game through injuries, and Clarke through suspension. Millar played center forward, Donaghy covered inside left, with Murray and Lance fullbacks. The change seemed to work wonders with the team. The playing of Millar was spectacular in the extreme. His combination work and passing was the best seen here this season, and he scored four of the six goals. Ideal weather for soccer prevailed.

Bethlehems won the toss and started with a rush. After two minutes play. Millar scored. A short time later the same player on a pass from Fleming again beat Laferty making a low, hard drive. The game during the first half was all in the West Philadelphia territory, Laferty making some remarkable stops in the goal. A few minutes before half time, Captain Robinson of West Philadelphia was injured and had to leave the field for the remainder of the game. Shortly before the interval Millar headed the ball into the net for his third goal. Except for occasional breakaways, West Philadelphia was never dangerous. The style of play adopted by Bethlehems seemed to disconcert the visitors. T he first half ended with the score of 2-0.

The visitors seemed to brace in the early part of the second half, but towards the end appeared to tire. On a breakaway. Fleming scored the fourth goal with a hard cross shot. Millar added two more goals during the last five minutes of play. Murray and Lance for Bethlehems were safe at all times and with Millar played a star game.

Bethlehems - West Philadelphia
Scaife - G -- Laferty
Murray - R.F.B. -- Cannon
Lance - L.F.B. -- Compbell
Stewart - R.H.B. -- Kendall
Morrison - C.H.B. -- Fisher
Lawler - L.H.B. -- Knott
Ford - O.R. -- Monk
Lewis - I.R. -- Leggett
Millar - O.F. -- Fullerton
Donaghy - I.L. -- Robinson
Fleming - O.L. -- Doberty
Goals - Millar, 4; Fleming 2. Referee - James Kerr, Philadelphia. Linesmen - Nicholson, Bethlehem: J. Wheelhorse, Philadelphia. Time of halves - 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club