The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 3, 1924
Newark F. C. Will Be Here Tuesday For a Battle With Steel Workers

Inspired with a success of a victory over Fall River in the Saturday tilt, the Steel Workers will enter the game against the Newark F. C. on the Steel Field tomorrow afternoon (election day) confident of adding another two points to their total in the race for the American Soccer League honors. The offering of a mid-week attraction is an unusual one and one that gives the local fans an opportunity of seeing a major sport club in action.

Bethlehem's goal scoring average of .630 brings them nearer the leaders in that respect than they are in the standing. This shows that Bethlehem had some hard breaks in the games lost. At that the victory on Saturday boosted the Bethlehem percentage materially, for in adding two points a fall was taken out of Fall River, national champion and tied up to that time for the league lead with Boston professional club.

Bethlehem is still one or two games shy of the teams leading, and for that reason the wide gap in the total number of points is apparent. The game tomorrow afternoon on the Steel Field will give the Steel Workers an opportunity of adding two more points, that is, if successful with a victory over Newark.

The Newark team has always been hard to defeat and local fans will remember one of the semi-finals in the cup competition in which the Jersey eleven held the Bethlehemites to a draw game. Although not occupying a very imposing position in the league standing Newark can be relied to battle at its best against the Steel Workers for victory means prestige. It will be the first meeting of the teams this season and Newark hopes to take a step forward at the expense of Bethlehem. The kickoff will take place promptly at three o'clock with John Walders as referee. The probable lineup will be:

Bethlehem -- Newark
Highfield -- G -- Bowman
Young -- RFB -- Brown
J. Ferguson -- LFB -- Nicol
MacFarland -- RHB -- McCann
McDonald -- CHB -- Kelly
Evans -- LHB -- Hamilton
Turner -- OR -- McBay
Rollo -- IR -- Gibbs
Stark -- CF -- Smith
Maxwell -- IL -- Campbell
Goldie -- OL -- McNaughton

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club