Bethlehem Globe
Thursday, November 3, 1927
Georgie Henderson, Former British Booter, is One of the Bright Lights.

The revamped New York Nationals with its bevy of recent importations as well as the infusion in the lineup of several former Hartford and Philadelphia stars, will feature Georgie Henderson, one of the most famous English soccer players, at the center forward position against Bethlehem Steel in the American Soccer League game on the home grounds of the Steelmen Saturday afternoon.

Henderson is but one of the soccer celebrities recently acquired in an effort to recruit the strongest team in the American League. Henderson is a center forward of the cruiser type, who played for Dundee, the Glasgow Rangers and the Darlington Club of the third division of the English league.

While the Nationals are ballyhooing the great Henderson, they are not losing sight of several other celebrities which have been recently acquired. One of the players came from the new defunct Philadelphia team, a player whose defensive work figured prominently in the Phillies victory over Fall River and Boston. He is McMinn, a goalie, a former star of the Irish league and a keen student of the game. As a custodian he is quick as a flash and a stonewall on the defense.

In addition to Henderson on the forward line will be Bobby Walker, an outside right, who is the club’s leading scorer. Walker played two seasons with the Kilmarnock team. Paired off at inside right will be John McKenchie, who hails from Portsmouth, and like Walker is twenty-three years of age. The left wing will be taken care of by Happy Abdullah, certainly no stranger to Bethlehem soccer fans for he has been one of the outstanding and most picturesque soccer players in the American Soccer League. Abdullah will be at inside left with Hutchinson, late of the Hartford club, at outside left. The latter is a consistent player and ranks among the best wings in the country.

Jimmy Gallagher is the only remaining original member of the Indiana Flooring team, now the New York Nationals, who has retained a place on the club. Gallagher is a halfback and completes and excellent trio with Martyn and Slaven. Slaven, it is understood, was on the Scottish transfer list for 1000 pounds, or $5,000 when Bob Millar snatched him and brought him to America. Martyn, left halfback, started with Providence and then played with Hartford from whence he came to New York.

A quite recent importation is Jimmy Warden, a right back, who will play his second game in this country against Bethlehem. Warden is reputed of being a splendid, brainy player, who can play a ball on either side. The other back will be Clarke.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club