The Globe -- Bethlehem
Thursday, November 4, 1926
A Swing Along Athletic Row

Contemplating Putting Stark Back at Bethlehem
Signing soccer players at this late date in the season, particularly the type of player to hold his own with a big league outfit, is a little more than a man's job. As a rule they are all signed up and the working arrangement between clubs is quite different from those in the early days, when players were transferred, or jumped their teams. The club is protected by a gentlemen's agreement not to tamper with the men during the playing season. Perhaps some clubs have violated the ethics of this arrangement to some extent, but as a rule the majority stand pat on their word and follow it to the letter. In the New England district it is noted that players have been transferred to different clubs, but it is understood that these transfers were condition, with recall strings attached. Gossip around the training quarters of the Bethlehem soccer team has it that the club would welcome augmenting the squad with a first class center forward, in order to continue playing Archie Stark at inside right. The club is persistent in the belief that with a deadly shot in the center position and with Stark at inside right, the scoring possibilities would b e materially increased. Dave Gillespie, an outside wing, was tried out at the pivot position and acquitted himself with credit. However, there is a feeling that he is best adapted for an outside berth on the forward line. Johnny Granger, a veteran, and dashing inside right, whose sensational playing, especially in cup tilts, ranks him as one of the best front liners in the country, is to get a chance at center forward. Granger will probably be in that position in one or more of the three games to be played over the coming weekend, when Bethlehem starts with the grind with Coats at Pawtucket, Newark at Newark and then flits to Toronto, Canada, to meet the Ulster United, Dominion champions on Monday. Unless Granger sizes up to the job, it is believed that Stark will be back at center forward.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club