Globe-Times -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 4, 1929
League Leaders Last Half Rally Fails to Produce the Winning Goal.

Bethlehem Steel soccer team was unfortunate enough to run into the Newark Portuguese at their best on Saturday afternoon on the Lehigh Field and consequently had to share the points in a fast game that ended in a three-goal tie. At that the locals were very plucky not to win. In the first place both of the Newark goals scored in the first half were deflected into goal by Bethlehem players. It was a bad break for the Steelmen that made them change over at [...] Portuguese by [...] to 1. Then again in the last half hour of the game Bethlehem did everything but score goals. They were all over the visitors and but for a splendid exhibition of goaltending on the part of Pentland, there would have been a different story to tell.

Willie Reid, the splendid right halfback, was again in the Bethlehem lineup, and with McGregor and Carnihan, consid[..] the best halfback line in the country, the spectators sat back in their seats expecting that Portuguese forwards were going to have a busy time [...] Reid [...] any of his soccer tricks while away and certainly improved the team. He got a good reception when he took the field. Another thing that gladdened the hearts of the fans was the work of Henighen, who seems to improve with every game. He has a wonderful pair of tricky feet and his goal in the second half was well worth going to see.

Portuguese won the toss and took the wind. Bethlehem immediately pressed and Pentland saved from Gillespie and Stark. At the other end Horn, who was playing goal in place of Beveridge, saved from Strong. Fifteen minutes from the start Gillespie went down the right and rounded the Portuguese back and put across a splendid center and Archie Stark met the ball, inside the 12-yard line, and the leather was in the net. The Portuguese goalie didn't even get a chance to save the ball. Ten minutes later Portuguese equalized when the ball crossed in front of the Bethlehem goal and Billy Allen headed into the net. Ten minutes after this goal Henighen accidentally handled the ball about twenty yards out. Robello took the kick and the ball went through when it hit Gibson.

After crossing over, it was expected Bethlehem would get the better of the Portuguese, especially after Henighen nicely tricked a couple opponents and made the score two all with a dazzling shot that was only a couple of inches inside the uprights. Pentland dived for the ball and was knocked unconscious when his head struck the goal post. Bethlehem took the lead when Stark headed in. This lead was not for long because Horn failed to hold a hot shot from Cameron and the ball fell in front of Strong, the visiting center forward, and he made no mistake. The lineup:

Bethlehem Steel -- Newark
Horn -- G -- Pentland
Gibson -- RFB -- Robello
Allen -- LFB - -Eckersley
Reid -- RHB -- Cameron
Carnihan - -CHB -- Patheco
McGregor -- LHB -- Doyle
Gillespie -- OR -- Costa
Henighen -- IR -- IR -- Conn
Stark -- CF -- Strong
Dick -- IL -- O'Hara
Purgavie -- OL -- Donnelly
Goals: Robello, Strong, Allan (accidental into his own goal), Stark 2, Henighen. Referee: Williams. Linesmen, J. H. Carpenter and Fred Pepper. Substitutions: Ferreria for Donnelly. Time of halves, 45 minutes.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club