The Globe -- Bethlehem
Monday, November 5, 1917
Red-hot, Rough-house Battle Results in a 1-1 Score

Soccerdom was given a shock at Paterson, N. J., yesterday afternoon, when the newly formed Paterson F. C. held the Bethlehem Steel Company's eleven to a 1-1 tie in a National League fixture at Olympic Park. Freddy Pepper was first to score in this mad scramble and his point came after a series of shots had been made by his mates. It was after 20 minutes of play in the first half that "Pep" counted. Undaunted, the light but speedy Paterson crew tore right into the invader and had Duncan backed up against the sticks protecting his domain and working like a Trojan to keep it unpierced. Both sides roughed it after this point was scored, and Pepper and Bustard, and Kirkpatrick and Patterson had more than one quick exchange.

At the opening of the second half, the Paterson eleven changed its plan of attack and went right through the center instead of crossing. Five times Duncan was forced to save his goal and finally a foul was committed and a penalty awarded the Silk City Club. Captain Van de Weghe sent the ball in like a rocket, Duncan never getting his hands near it.

From this point on it was a battle royal. Gradwell, of Paterson, was put out of the game for ten minutes, due to rough charging, and the steelworkers spurted but the Paterson backs were like barricades. Both teams tired noticeably in the final stages of the battle.

Bethlehem -- Paterson
Duncan -- G -- Dillman
Fletcher - RFB -- Broadbent
Ferguson -- LFB -- G. Murray
T. Murray -- RHB -- Kerr
Campbell -- CHB -- Bustard
Kirkpatrick -- LHB -- Patterson
M. Kelvey -- OR -- Garside
Pepper -- IR -- Van de Weghe
Ratican -- CF -- Hayes
Forrest -- OL -- Gradwell
Fleming -- IL -- Lindquist
Referee -- Charles Ward.

Bethlehem Steel Soccer Club